@samourai_official So far the only walletmaker (i know) who understands the important values of bitcoin. Its not hard actually:
1.) be transparent/open source
2.) focus on security
3.) protect users privacy (= ensure/enable fugibility)
4.) Focus on and not on satisfying as many different shitcoinholders as possible
5.) KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid

Spread the word and help others to understand whats important and how to store/use Bitcoint! Education is the key to mass adoption!

@keymonkey @samourai_official @nopara73 Sorry, my last post was not specific enough: @samourai_official the only (up and running) mobile btc wallet that i know of fullfilling all quality standards that a real bitcoiner can expect. Of course there is wasabiwallet from nopara73 for anonymity, opendime and coldcard from coinkite for cold storage and other amazing projects!

@metamarcdw @keymonkey @samourai_official i dont think brainwallets are safe. Humsn brains are not good in producing randomness


@c @keymonkey @samourai_official key stretching is a common technique used by many cryptosystems to derive secure keys from a user passphrase. Some examples are FDE software, password managers, GPG, WPA2, the list goes on.

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