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Great presentation (very accessible explanations on mining, mining pools etc) from @danielabrozzoni on Stratum v2 at @bitcoinmuc youtube.com/watch?v=58LrQ0Q89x

The shortfilm "Castle Bitcoin" (very great, very funny, professionally done!) was written, shot and released about 1 year ago.

Watch it! It has English subtitles!

Intended for a film festival that fell flat because of COVID.19.

The price was mostly hovering around €5000 back then.

In the film's plot the price is at €47.500.

Back then that seemed very... audacious.

Well, what can I say now.


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Join us tomorrow Sunday Feb 21st 8pm CET for a session with @danielabrozzoni from @braiins to learn about mining, the intricacies of running an operation, and the Stratum V2 protocol updates!


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Trefft Friedemann Brenneis vom Podcast nächste Woche am Do 11. Februar auf unserem Online-Meetup powered by und und diskutiert mit uns über die Zukunft des Geldes!


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Our next Stammtisch VR Edition will take place on Wed, February 3rd, 7pm CET.

It worked well last month, so again you can join via in VR or via call powered by , both platforms bidirectionally connected with each other.


Great reverse psychology marketing imo 🤠

RT @leo Seen at a gas station in Munich: "We don't accept Bitcoin."

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Reminder: Join us tomorrow for our 2020 Review in ! We'll cover finance, tech (especially from @bitcoinoptech 's own review) and much more. twitter.com/bitcoinmuc/status/

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Reminder: Join us tomorrow for our 2020 Review in !

We'll cover finance, tech (especially from bitcoinops.org/ 's own review) and much more.


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Guten Morgen liebe 🌞

Zum Todestag des legendären Tamas Blummer haben Michael Ep uns janpaul_f sich die Mühe gemacht und 2 seiner bekanntesten Artikel übersetzt 😍

1. Zeit messen mit der Blockchain aprycot.media/blog/zeit-messen

2. Es kann nur Einen geben aprycot.media/blog/es-kann-nur

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Friedemann war schneller. 🤓
Speichert das Datum!

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Falls ihr mehr über erfahren wollt - am 11.02.21 stelle ich das Projekt beim ₿ Munich Online Meetup in spaciger Jitsi-VR-Kombination vor. Bringt gerne alle eure Freunde & Fragen mit!


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Join us for our next online meetup on Thursday, January 21st, 8pm CET, for a "light Socratic" when we review the year 2020 in Bitcoin. With Sebastian van Staa, @emzy, and more!


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The German Corona Warn App went live today. F-Droid cannot distribute the app for multiple reasons:

1) The core bluetooth contact tracing functionality is only implemented in Google play services and requires proprietary client libs to be included in the app.
2) The google api mentioned above is only available for use by apps which are whitelisted by google and distributed through the play store.

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So, another Bitcoiner exodus to Mastodon, likely short-lived.

Been trying out various decentralization and federation projects for decades already, but it's hard to defeat the network effects of the established players.

I think an alternative to Twitter has to be pure p2p (not bound to "instances"), and offer features that everybody wants and only such a censorship-resistent architecture can offer (kinda what Bitcoin does wrt finance).

Copying is not enough, it has to innovate.

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