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Crypto-Twitter migration to Mastodon could be the black swan event Mastodon has needed.

Don't forget to post your @ on Twitter so your followers can easily find you here

@robzon I wonder if it would be possible to plug some Bitcoin-specific actions into the daemon 🤔 like native LN tipping

Perhaps Mastodon could even serve a role in LN routing. 🤔 Imagine a Lightning bolt icon next to the star icon below a toot. Instantly send a tip to that person with the press of a button.

So the 🇮🇹 Italian mafia is slowly joining, we've had @afilini for a while now, @mir_btc just joined a moment ago, and Giacomo will be joining soon™.

Twitter is like a single mastodon instance or subreddit where the server operators/moderators are lunatics that are conducting social experiments on you.

Wife: “What’s new”
Me: “Crypto Twitter is mass test driving Mastadon”
Wife: “Why?”
Me: “Because Facebook banned Alex Jones”
Wife: “But not twitter?”

Please, no one make us move to a third Mastodon thingy I beg of you.

I want to emphasize that I am very skeptical that will take off. But i'm willing to try, because:

1. We need to learn how to continue the conversation under censorship

2. We need alternatives to Twitter and Reddit

3. Help platforms like @mastodon improve

4. Figure out how to transport identity and reputation

5. Find more alternatives

6. Enjoy some

If you are looking for a IOS app, Amaroq is great.

Mastodon protip: if you're migrating to a new account, desktop web allows you to setup profile redirection on the old profile on the bottom of "edit profile" settings.

Oh… Whalebird doesn't support instance emojis :(.

So far the best combination for me is Tusky for Android and Whalebird for MacOS - any better recommendations? Also, @nvk you really gotta up your emoji game on this instance ;) :coldcard: :opendime: are awesome, but we need moar!

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