I'm pleased to announce the release of the Bitcoin Extended Public Key Converter. Hopefully this will save other Bitcoin developers a little bit of time while building and testing software. jlopp.github.io/xpub-converter

Beginning of August, I have a Raspberry Pi lying around so I buy a 1TB external HDD and get started on setting up a Bitcoin node. Best advice was to sync on the laptop (took a couple of weeks) and then move the HDD to the Pi. I follow the tutorial from @meeDamian at medium.com/@meeDamian/bitcoin-

The first step (putting our face 🐘 on it) to our RBP LN PoS is complete, everything else happens on the 24th Aug event.

For more head to: github.com/lncm/ideas

We need

We need wallets that connect to own Full Node

We need payment processors self-hosted on own HW

We need to eliminate 3rd-party security holes

We need it easy, stable, reliable and offering great UX

Remember the flippening? 😂😂😂

Currently ~190K tonnes of stock.
2017 supply grew 3,150. Gold Inflation rate = ~1.65%.

2020 halving, BTC inflation = ~1.79%.
2024 halving, BTC inflation = ~0.8%

In ~5.75 years, is the hardest monetary policy in human history.

What's your 10 year plan?

@meeDamian Yes! To recover the block you can use ffmpeg -i block_img.png -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb24 rawblock.dat

Bcash can't even stay alive without Core devs babysitting lol

A few reasons to move from twitter to the fediverse:

- Non-manipulated feed
- No promoted tweets
- You are not the product
- You can choose a community that works for you or create one
- Less censorship, depending on the community
- Decentralized
- Non-profit
- No surveillance with respect to delivering you to advertisers
- No sudden/continual API policy changes to protect a profit stream
- Open source transparency, auditability, forkability, improvability

TIL "The mastodon.social instance run by the main developer of the software, and many of the other first-established instances, are registered in France. Early surveys of the users indicated that French people were the majority. Nonetheless, English quickly became the main language used for talking on the network, even by the French."

Crypto-Twitter migration to Mastodon could be the black swan event Mastodon has needed.

Don't forget to post your @ on Twitter so your followers can easily find you here

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