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Because #bitcoin is enemy money, and YOU CAN'T LEECH CODE IF THE CODE WAS OPEN SOURCE FFS. Use the tools.

And hence, the powerlessness of the elected president donald trump.

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MEDIAcracy rules the western democracies (especially the US).

Democracy is supposedly the rule of the people. That means the people's opinion shapes the ruling decisons.

However, what shapes the public opinion, then, has the power over the democratic system. In this case, the media...

That's why Twitter, Google, Facebook worth their billions of dollars today: they are immensely powerful in shaping the public thought, and thus the direction of the political power.

So many similarities between 3d gun and btc/xmr communities.

If only more bitcoiners had the balls to defy the status quo of politics/banking (such as KYC/AML enforcements) (instead of praising the institutions entering the btc) as the 3d gun folks do...

Twitter isn't your friend. Jack isn't your friend.

I couldn't log in for last week or so (issue with Firefox), I come back here and shit! I had more follow notifications in the last few days than the last 2 years.

Hope all of you will stick here this time, sure it's a bit less entertaining than Twitter, but you'll learn more, and you might soon not have the possibility to go back there anyway

-- enable 2fa
-- connect via vpn
-- use pgp for DM's if you have to

is the twitter's blatant censorship on donald trump caused this?

but seeing all the new activity in here is nice

Mastodon cannot be securely used with Tor since it cannot run as a native hidden service. If you do not use mastodon with a hosted vpn (such as mullvad) then both the server and @nvk can log your IP address. The server is a honeypot of personal info on bitcoiners including DMs. Be aware!

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