so i have a co-worker who gets close on things but never quite makes it all the way there. he gets that the fed/gov are creating monetary/economic instability. he wants a place to store his wealth where it will retain it's value. so i have been kind of casually mentioning btc over the last year and I've got him on track with viewing it as digital gold. today i made a deal with him that if he stacks $10/2-weeks in sats for a year and doesn't want I'll buy it from him for the $260 he spent. 1/

i figure it's a win-win, either i get more sats or i help him out. I'm hoping he'll learn more over the next year and it'll stick. i lent him my kindle and he's listening to the audible of the bitcoin standard so i think we're off to a good start 2/

@mdc3940 I do the same thing kind of. Ppl want a guarantee to overcome the hump. I normally say if you buy x amount and it goes to zero. I’ll give them amount back. No trading and only DCA limit for 90 days. So far 0% have needed to be paid in the last 6 yrs.

@mdc3940 260? Aim higher. Won't be much help such a small amount of sats.

@Jose_S_Bam baby steps...if he gets it he'll put more in on his own without me pushing him into it.

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