So, my Norton anti-virus just classified my Bitcoin-QT node as a threat. They said, "There have been recent JS Coinminer attacks on multiple systems."

Gave me a real scare since Norton DELETED the app and wouldn't let me open a new bitcoin-core-0.16.2/ download file.

I thought my wallet.dat was gone, but I'm fine now.

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Listening to people talk about price with such assurance reminds me of being on chair lifts in Squaw Valley listening to the Bay Area blowhards talk stock picks. I suggest everyone design your life so it is all "fuck you" money. That's the best defense.

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"Currently the US dollar is only backed by blood, we need it backed by the Satoshi in order to return us to a sound money standard."
"This is the first time in modern economic history that no country's currency is backed by gold or silver."
This change occurred in 1971 when Richard Nixon closed the gold convertibility window for foreign governments looking to trade their USD's back to us for gold. Per our agreement with the world.
The USD used to be "as good as gold". Now it's nearly worthless.

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hah—sometimes it feels like it'd be less unpopular to say you're a BTC cannibal than a BTC vegetarian

Like Cucumbers falling off the vine, when BTC falls under $6k, I'll be there to scoop them up and put them in my hard wallet wheelbarrow. 🤣 BTC Veggie is the ONLY way!

Being a BTC Vegetarian is the best way to HODL. My mind stays clear without blood flooding my stomach required to process heavy meat. Being a Vegetarian makes a me a stronger HODLER because I don't give in to the weakness in my mind that yells "Sell"! Be an enlightened BTC Maximalist and HODLER - say NO to meat! 😜

I know this might be very unpopular, but I have to ask...are there any other BTC Maximalist/Vegetarians here besides me? 😀 🍊 🥕 🥒 🥦 🤣

What's the ultimate low in this BTC correction? Tone says as low as $1k. I say a 80% correction to $4.5k is enough for big money support to come in.

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