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easier on eyes web client (one column)

fyi - the DM's in twitter are frequently read by employees of twitter and it's been in the news. this isn't a feature that twitter is better out - but I doubt putting in an encryption plug in in an open source software is going to be that hard

it's hard to switch a forum to someone else's site - lose power. but if you have your very own state? why you get an equal vote. until the 17th takes it away (unconstitutionally).

but that's a different history period.

what we really need are a bunch of salesmen with contacts that can convince a whole bunch of different sites to switch to there very own instance all at once.

btw - it/software engineer guy for 40 years, decision scientist, and anthropologist, whose last researches were on subgroups and network effects -- I've been studying the problem awhile. the transfer of the groups over will be the hold up - but there are solutions

Anyway, I'd probably write something like that if I was writing on network effects like I used to for history. but it would sounded coded I suppose. I wonder how you can bring groups over one at a time and what natural design that would be. maybe write on d day.

In the earlier days if the Republic, a federated plan was seen as the best way to bring diverse sets of people over at once. Although one of the greatest inhibitors of transferring large networks over at the same time is the network effects of the previous network - a switching cost as it were, if you could only bring sub groups of them over. Anyway, those were the thoughts of the revolutionary founders.

gathering the mess that the documentation of gnu social / mastodon / statusNet / laconica is.

What's the best sources of tech info on the underlining design of gnu social and mastodon (besides the source code)?

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