"Satoshi started a fire in cyberspace. What began as a camp fire, grew into a bonfire, now a raging forest fire, promises to become a planet fire." - Michael Saylor

If you are a trader / speculator I hope you got burned. You do not deserve to own Bitcoin.

Humble Plebs stacking sats deserve to hold the fire.

The newbies (class of 2020) I onboarded are celebrating these dips nowadays.

This cycle it’s different.

Their first contact with these massive dips is seeing how they are being bought up instantly. Therefore aren’t thinking about selling but to buy the fucking dip.

This is bullish.

All the motherfucking plebs out here in our first digital citadel... LFG.

Let's start a Pleb follow for follow post to get the content starting.

I need that pleb shitposting here.

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