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It tooks less then a year to go from government-mandated reverse-cowgirl and gloryholes to government-run quarantine camps.

Nothing to see here, just good ol' liberal democracy working as intended.

Imagine engaging in rabbinical discussions on the ethics of polyamory and writing lengthy "autoethnographic works" (tumblr posts) on your first world problems in the context of saving the world from climate change (???) when people are out here producing most of their dietary needs on suburban lots.

A anarchist web directory with an "emotional healing" section that's 14 subpoints and several hundred links long while permaculture has a single wikipedia article link listed under "Misc" is why nobody takes anarchists seriously.

Lots of talk of increased role of private lenders in the debt crisis unfolding.

Trudeau says the pandemic response is proof the the world can act to get to SDGs.

Hard to not see the spectre of global totalitarianism that the conspiracy folks are on about with talking points like that.

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Is this why we’re pamping? Tldr: equitable and inclusive Building Back Better ™️ with the help of the BRRRRRinting press.

Dans la Principauté Libre du Bas-du-Cap, sous mon règne, il n’y aura pas de NCP. Les bobos green de Montreal devront tenter de nous enlever nos motocross 2-temps de force, et en subir les conséquences.

Alright, who's dick do I have to suck to get a Starlink?

PSA: if you’ve gotten COVID cuckbux at any time in the last year in Canada, the CRA and Revenu Quebec is giving you an additional year interest-free to pay outstanding due sums.

Did you remain productive? Well sorry bro you’re gonna have to pay up as per usual or get hit with the usual usurious interest rates on due sums.

I'm going to run out of offensive naming schemes really quickly if this keeps up.

The funny thing about being a Quebecois in France is the harder you try to be understood by choosing your words carefully and not speaking too fast, the more you sound like a retard and so the less people understand you.

My preferred method of communication now is giving my interlocutor a full send in Quebec french, then scoffing when they don't understand. At least I get to keep my dignity that way.

Renaming all my master branches to racial slurs to spite the soylent-chugging cucks at Github.

Going to the barber this afternoon, bringing a picture of Steve Bannon circa 2016.

Alright boys. I've officially put my boss on notice.

Let the real bull market begin.

Slonking whole eggs: gross, disgusting, grounds for social ostracism in perpetuity.

Drinks with raw whites in them: cool, good, A-ok in any social setting.

That’s some female logic for you. Slonkers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your girlfriends.

I hope people don't see these toots as an anti-immigration diatribe. I myself have expatriated, but I have no intent to integrate to anything yet, and can understand the inertia of culture in immigrant populations.

My point is that building a nation in a post-national world with post-national means is retarded. There will sooner be a thousand citadels than a single successful multi-cutural, multi-ethnic secessionist movement.

Stop asking for the Ls.

Canada is the anti-nation: newcomers identify to it specifically because it doesn't ask of them to pledge allegiance to any new values, learn the history, behave a certain way. Telling folks that you're Canadian means nothing.

Quebec still wants to be a "legacy" nation. A nation centered around language, culture, values, a well defined set of characteristics. Choosing to be Quebecois is hard work, involves shedding your previous identity to a certain extent; integrating.

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