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Slonking whole eggs: gross, disgusting, grounds for social ostracism in perpetuity.

Drinks with raw whites in them: cool, good, A-ok in any social setting.

That’s some female logic for you. Slonkers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your girlfriends.

I hope people don't see these toots as an anti-immigration diatribe. I myself have expatriated, but I have no intent to integrate to anything yet, and can understand the inertia of culture in immigrant populations.

My point is that building a nation in a post-national world with post-national means is retarded. There will sooner be a thousand citadels than a single successful multi-cutural, multi-ethnic secessionist movement.

Stop asking for the Ls.

Canada is the anti-nation: newcomers identify to it specifically because it doesn't ask of them to pledge allegiance to any new values, learn the history, behave a certain way. Telling folks that you're Canadian means nothing.

Quebec still wants to be a "legacy" nation. A nation centered around language, culture, values, a well defined set of characteristics. Choosing to be Quebecois is hard work, involves shedding your previous identity to a certain extent; integrating.

I've seen countless instances of this kind of L-taking.

An activist tries to set up a new movement to promote Quebec independence. It's inclusive, progressive, and the glue that sticks all the members together is supposed to be the use of the french language.

In the very first general assembly, members propose to spend an incredible amount of resources to translate all the org's business in a dozen languages. The activist is unable to reassert the core value.

One meeting, org is rekt.

I can't remember where I heard this, but there is this theory that people with gambling problems are essentially addicted to cortisol rushes.

Some people in politics really seem to be like this. Imagine bending over backwards to please immigrants for decades, having 90% of them outright reject the political project you've tried to sell them on, then convince yourself in the face of all the evidence that more of the same will eventually do the trick.

Couldn't be me.

Quebec nationalists really do be taking L’s at an incredible rate and STILL TO THIS DAY argue that the project is still alive. Have fun staying occupied.

Y'all ever just want to move into some old industrial building in some shithole town in Poitou and become a world-reknown W201 hoarder with his own personal junkyard or is it just me?

Withdrawal saga finale: my money has been deposited, finally. It only took slightly more than 2 and a half months!

Opportunity cost in corn: I'd rather not think about it.

@nvk just found the github page. Will submit a PR if I can find some info.

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@nvk here's a new addition for your corporate treasuries spreadsheet. I'll try to poke them for more detailed plans of the strategy.

Withdrawal saga pt 8: as you can guess, I in fact did NOT get my money. I gave them a week because I'm a nice guy, still nothing.

Another 2.5 hours on wait, a very lovely lady is looking into it. Apparently the change of residence, which has been resolved for two weeks now, is an issue again. Apparently they tried to call (no they didn't lmao).

This is my last interaction with them. If this is not resolved, I'm filing a complaint with the authorities and asking for damages.

Delivered with empathy and compassion by a diverse cabinet:

Idrees Ali: The United States has carried out an airstrike against structure belonging to Iranian-backed militia in Syria, U.S. officials tell Reuters. W/@phildstewart #Greenwald #Iran #Syria #UnitedStates

bot list:

Egg slonkers are the most persecuted race on earth right now.

Think I'm wrong? Slonk in front of literally any female and let me know how that goes for you.

After state-mandated reverse cowgirl (with mask), J-Turd turns to state-mandated hotel stays.

The Science™️ says that you can be contagious for 14 days, so why even bother with this bullshit? Are the managers of these hotels LPC supporters or something?

I sure hope John has been putting in the work to plan that 100k party, because it’s coming soon.

Tempted to reactivate birdsite account just to dunk on some mainstream media nocoiner retards from my part of the world.

It’s taking every ounce of determination to stay humble.

Withdrawal saga pt 7: I did not get the callback I was promised. Luckily, french support only has one person on staff, so I asked the rep if she remembered me and the promises she had made. She gave me a bullshit answer, but allowed me to process my orders over the phone for internet rates.

Final settlement is due on Monday (so much for 🌽 being slow), at which point I am told I will be able to wire out and close the account in one phone call, no written instructions necessary.


Look at what you beautiful fuckers have me doing again. 50k feels somewhat like a milestone, So I decided to have a full size corona.

A few hundred thousand blocks ago I was talking about how I was going to buy this horrible monstrosity of a watch as a meme when bitcoin would be at 50k. The joke is that it’s called a Yachtmaster SATS. I call it the Lil Yachtymaster. Get it?

Well turns out I lied. I’m never selling.

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