I bought this smoke purely for the meme value, but it turns out to be a great stick. Expertly rolled, great pull throughout (smoked right to the cut), long ash.

The “Entered Apprentice” is a little light for me though.

If you are still paying a premium for Cubans and their atrocious QC in this day and age you are wrong.

The plebs are questioning the upper caste? How dare they! Just take the experimental gene therapy you stupid poor!

It tooks less then a year to go from government-mandated reverse-cowgirl and gloryholes to government-run quarantine camps.

Nothing to see here, just good ol' liberal democracy working as intended.

I'm going to run out of offensive naming schemes really quickly if this keeps up.

Look at what you beautiful fuckers have me doing again. 50k feels somewhat like a milestone, So I decided to have a full size corona.

A few hundred thousand blocks ago I was talking about how I was going to buy this horrible monstrosity of a watch as a meme when bitcoin would be at 50k. The joke is that it’s called a Yachtmaster SATS. I call it the Lil Yachtymaster. Get it?

Well turns out I lied. I’m never selling.

Next time I'm in Frankfurt, I'm taking a hot, greasy döner shit at at the front entrance to this pit of vipers.

The fucking geniuses at Desjardins are at it again.

For those who need a reminder, these were the guys who had an employee sell customer financial data for a few hundred dollars of gift cards to a rotisserie chicken restaurant.

> Corn denier
> Biden supporter
> Fedgov collaborator

If I hadn’t met some of these so-called people in person, I’d be convinced that they were humanoid androids conceive in a CIA lab.

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