I bought this smoke purely for the meme value, but it turns out to be a great stick. Expertly rolled, great pull throughout (smoked right to the cut), long ash.

The “Entered Apprentice” is a little light for me though.

If you are still paying a premium for Cubans and their atrocious QC in this day and age you are wrong.

Then: Take this vaccine, yeah it hasn't gone through standard approval protocols, but it should be good to go, you really should take it.

Now: Yeah, so the people making this stuff are having trouble making good batches, so you're going to have to take this other untested product. Don't worry, logically it should work. PS: this also wasn't thoroughly tested lol.


If the MyPillow guy doesn’t own a motor yacht called Pillow I’ll be very, very disappointed.

The good side of this is that there will be more artisanal tobacco products. A ban might even make smoking cool again!


CBC literally playing pre-roll propaganda for budget talking points lmao.


Every CBC journalist creaming their pants at the enormous figures in the Canadian budget. Apparently there is “something for everyone”. Brought to you by debt slavery and brrrr.

If this passes, the Rubicon will have been crossed. Good luck voting yourself out of that mess lmao.

My late grandfather sold cars all his life, and successfully supported his family from it.

Really says a lot about this person that she would imply that people who support their families are subhuman pieces of shit.

If you're not one of them, they hate you. Any benevolence to your regard is barely veiled paternalism that stems from their feeling of superiority to you.

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The plebs are questioning the upper caste? How dare they! Just take the experimental gene therapy you stupid poor!

What is even the point? They've already taken out tens of thousand of dollars of loans on you and your children.

The collateral? Their sovereign ability to steal everything you have.

But hey, that's the price to pay to live in a civilized nation I guess lol.

A message for canadians: I'm not telling you to not produce your income tax documents on time.

However, I am telling you to ask yourself why you are REQUIRED to spend several hours telling your masters how much of your income they are entitled to while they can't even be bothered to produce a budget.

I have never had a positive interaction with the police before having to deal with the force in Monaco. All 5 I talked to were very respectful and professional, much nicer than the tren-addled North American cops who all seem to have grown up without a dad.

Special shout-out to His Serene Highness Prince Albert II for keeping his police force in check.

Maybe Triple H was right about monarchies all along.

If Cato’s immigration guy using “yemenese” with certitude several times in a podcast doesn’t convince you that these so-called libertarians are useful idiots, I don’t know what to tell you.

I got such good service with Tele2 in Estonia that I sent my rep a postcard.

It cost me 2 euros, and she has received recognition from all the firm up to the CEO.

This is obvious with anybody with business experience I guess, but I have learned that if you do business with people who are doing extraordinary work, it is always worth it to show your appreciation in ways other than prompt payment.

After AstraZeneca clot findings, France opts for mRNA vaccines for second shot | National Post

"Our approach is absolutely not to engage in a gigantic experimentation on the French population"

...which is why you're vaccinating the whole population with brand new vaccines that haven't gone through normal approvals? And are now proposing to mix-and-match those vaccines in ways that haven't been tested?

Sorry, there's no getting around it: this is a gigantic experiment.

Is Deleuze the originator of “return to monke”?

My kin will avenge the Sardinians and liberate Nizza from it’s french occupation. In league with friendly Ligurians and the Principality of Monaco, we’ll make a Nicexit happen.

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French TV talking about the Italian “demographic winter”.

I hereby declare that if I, my family and descendants are fully tax exempt for the next 100 years, I will move into the country, take on as many wives as I can support, and singlehandedly orchestrate an Italo-Quebecois neo-ethnogenesis that will put a firm base on the italian demographic pyramid.

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