I got such good service with Tele2 in Estonia that I sent my rep a postcard.

It cost me 2 euros, and she has received recognition from all the firm up to the CEO.

This is obvious with anybody with business experience I guess, but I have learned that if you do business with people who are doing extraordinary work, it is always worth it to show your appreciation in ways other than prompt payment.

After AstraZeneca clot findings, France opts for mRNA vaccines for second shot | National Post

"Our approach is absolutely not to engage in a gigantic experimentation on the French population"

...which is why you're vaccinating the whole population with brand new vaccines that haven't gone through normal approvals? And are now proposing to mix-and-match those vaccines in ways that haven't been tested?

Sorry, there's no getting around it: this is a gigantic experiment.

Is Deleuze the originator of “return to monke”?

My kin will avenge the Sardinians and liberate Nizza from it’s french occupation. In league with friendly Ligurians and the Principality of Monaco, we’ll make a Nicexit happen.

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French TV talking about the Italian “demographic winter”.

I hereby declare that if I, my family and descendants are fully tax exempt for the next 100 years, I will move into the country, take on as many wives as I can support, and singlehandedly orchestrate an Italo-Quebecois neo-ethnogenesis that will put a firm base on the italian demographic pyramid.

It tooks less then a year to go from government-mandated reverse-cowgirl and gloryholes to government-run quarantine camps.

Nothing to see here, just good ol' liberal democracy working as intended.

Imagine engaging in rabbinical discussions on the ethics of polyamory and writing lengthy "autoethnographic works" (tumblr posts) on your first world problems in the context of saving the world from climate change (???) when people are out here producing most of their dietary needs on suburban lots.

A anarchist web directory with an "emotional healing" section that's 14 subpoints and several hundred links long while permaculture has a single wikipedia article link listed under "Misc" is why nobody takes anarchists seriously.

Lots of talk of increased role of private lenders in the debt crisis unfolding.

Trudeau says the pandemic response is proof the the world can act to get to SDGs.

Hard to not see the spectre of global totalitarianism that the conspiracy folks are on about with talking points like that.

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Is this why we’re pamping? Tldr: equitable and inclusive Building Back Better ™️ with the help of the BRRRRRinting press.

Dans la Principauté Libre du Bas-du-Cap, sous mon règne, il n’y aura pas de NCP. Les bobos green de Montreal devront tenter de nous enlever nos motocross 2-temps de force, et en subir les conséquences.


Alright, who's dick do I have to suck to get a Starlink?

PSA: if you’ve gotten COVID cuckbux at any time in the last year in Canada, the CRA and Revenu Quebec is giving you an additional year interest-free to pay outstanding due sums.

Did you remain productive? Well sorry bro you’re gonna have to pay up as per usual or get hit with the usual usurious interest rates on due sums.

I'm going to run out of offensive naming schemes really quickly if this keeps up.

The funny thing about being a Quebecois in France is the harder you try to be understood by choosing your words carefully and not speaking too fast, the more you sound like a retard and so the less people understand you.

My preferred method of communication now is giving my interlocutor a full send in Quebec french, then scoffing when they don't understand. At least I get to keep my dignity that way.

Renaming all my master branches to racial slurs to spite the soylent-chugging cucks at Github.

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