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Simply put, bitcoin is better money.

Provably scarce.
Global, independent of governments.
Difficult to seize or block. (barring torture)
Easy to transfer.

The long term thesis is simple: Humanity has never had better money. As more people realize this, price should rise. Substantially.

This move to mastodon is something special. It reaffirms my belief that you can't stop bitcoiners. You can try, but we're just going to run you over.

Which mobile client are you using?

I've used mastalab and tusky so far. I think I like tusky better.

If facebook rolled out bitcoin support in combination with whatsapp they could easily become the largest wallet provider in the space.

I would absolutely hate that, but they could easily pull it off.

Chain analysis / transaction tracking is a natural fit for them too...

That said they'll probably end up releasing a facebook token and ignore bitcoin altogether. I'd prefer that actually.

The truth of the matter is if your country is going through an economic crisis it's probably already too late. Becomes much hard to get your hands on bitcoin when everyone is panicking. You should be prepared ahead of time, get some bitcoin, and learn how to store it properly.

Bitcoin will hasten the fall of weak fiat. Weak economies are most susceptible at first: Venezuela, Iran, Turkey but the trend will continue and the dominoes will keep falling. No fiat will be safe.

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Bitcoin devs are intentionally conservative in order to prevent mistakes like these. This bug was easily avoidable.

"After seeing the minimal review the changes had undergone and the large number of lines changed, I thought it reasonably likely that a bug might have slipped in"

Bitcoin dev Cory Fields discovered a BCH vulnerability that could have resulted in a split chain and substantial loss of funds. He responsibly(and anonymously) reported it to BCH devs and they fixed it before it could be exploited. Read this.

If you want to create your own instance, this guide by @[email protected] is the best I've found.

Just a reminder, you can interact and follow people across instances. You can export the list of people you follow to a new account but no past toots or followers carry over.

I'll probably stick with this instance for now, will play it by ear. The important thing is we always have the option to spin up a new instance if necessary.

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A few reasons to move from twitter to the fediverse:

- Non-manipulated feed
- No promoted tweets
- You are not the product
- You can choose a community that works for you or create one
- Less censorship, depending on the community
- Decentralized
- Non-profit
- No surveillance with respect to delivering you to advertisers
- No sudden/continual API policy changes to protect a profit stream
- Open source transparency, auditability, forkability, improvability

- Sample size: 2000 american adults
- 8% of respondents own bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies
- Ownership by income bracket:
$100k+ - 7%
$50k to 75k - 11%
Less than $50k - 7%
- 41% say they will never buy bitcoin (we'll see about that)

I found Mastodon about 6 months ago and it was a ghost town. Seeing the bitcoin community move here in force has been absolutely fantastic to see.

For the first time in awhile I'm actually considering selling my $twtr bags. If Jack isn't careful he's going to have a major problem on his hands.

1. Mastodon supports 2FA, so you should go enable that in settings.

2. Use a vpn or tor if you don't want @nvk to know your ip address(es)

The world is sick and bitcoin is the antidote.

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@notsofast Can't, they didn't really think the identity stuff through. Wish there was a way to sign a pub key and use that as the basis of the identity.

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