Best guide for running your own mastodon instance?

@mattodell was just thinking the same thing. You lose some network effects of the shared local feed but worth it for privacy and control.

@Rob1Ham @mattodell wouldn't be better to encrypt data shared in each instance?

@mattodell not souch a guide as a one click option:

That's what mine is running on. The Mastodon website has decent docs too. And apparently other server software is good too.

@pete @mattodell would running your own instance mitigate the privacy issues of connecting to @nvk instance?
Any guide on this? 🙏

@mattodell like why can't we have something like a bitcoin lighting node that share the same instance but with more privacy on it for mastodon

@bashnewid cool part of mastodon is I can run my own instance without leaving

@mattodell Oh, gotcha. Yes. I would be interested in this as well then!

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