The censorship wars are upon us.


Time to step the fuck up.

@2a3dex @mattodell i had a good weekend of bitcoining. Updated all my firmware. Verified all my backups. Took pics of all my toys 😂

@mattodell Made the jump to foss almost everywhere, just gotta find some money to move to a Pixel 4a with Graphene, but I'm too busy stacking sats.

@mattodell You say something in the digital universe, they delete or deplatform at will. You say something IRL, they try to get you fired. Fuck this cancel culture bullshit! People are free to listen or tune out. We don't need big tech to mold their representation of facts on to us.

@mattodell Any thoughts about the ongoing DoS attack on tor?

@mattodell get the word out on twitter about mastodon. Good subject for a tutorial video.

I just posted my final tweet. Toots from here on out.

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