Twitter is done. Gradually then suddenly.

@mattodell they picked a fight with El President. Who would you predict the winner of this Battle is?🤠

I’m surprised by the amount of Bitcoiners already on this platform. Shouldn’t be too difficult of a transition. I’m starting to cross-post now.

@mattodell Hopefully, people keep using Mastodon this time. I remember a big wave a people joining and then leaving.

@verretor @mattodell I expect we will still need couple waves, but each wave brings more sand...

@rootdude @threed @mattodell Every wave, more people stay. This time, it's a bigger wave than before.

If people stick around for two weeks, I think they're going to stick around for years.

@verretor @mattodell I think this is the third time this has happened now, seems like more people jumped in this time though. Will be interesting to see how many remain by next week.

@mattodell I hope more bitcoiners move over to mastodon. It was good for a while then got quiet. Picking up again now.

@mattodell I keep expect being able to like or upvote, but I guess there’s no way to do that in Mastodon. 😕

@mattodell would love it to happen but a bit early to say... and how will Mastodon federated servers pay for the infrastructure?

@mattodell Engagement has become very difficult on twitter

@TopRoller @mattodell Bruh I been told y’all since 2019 dey unleashed da DARPA sock puppet bots slow drip infiltrate BitcoinTwitter dis ain’t hyperbole dis IRL Facts!!

@mattodell Last I was on there I don’t even get ads. I think it’s been nationalized by the new communist regime.

@mattodell so true. It's disgusting how they've managed speech in the previous weeks.

@mattodell what multisig setup would you recommend for one person use? 2/3, 2/2, 3/5,...?

@nitcoib @mattodell I'd go with 2/2 for personal use. This way you don't need to backup your xpubs. You can't lose any of your seeds with a 2/2 tbh.

@Btcjerk @mattodell that was my preference as well. Cheers mate....toot!

@Btcjerk @mattodell by doing 2/2 I could recover a lost device with the seed, just as with 1/1 right? Toot

@Btcjerk @mattodell cheers mate. Ur hands down the nicest jerk out there...toot.😎

@nitcoib @mattodell if you want more vendors, you could also do a 2/3, for example trezor, coldcard, cobo vault. A 2/3 always needs an additional backup of your xpubs if you want to account for a loss of one seed.

@Btcjerk @nitcoib @mattodell For 2-of-3 with trezor, coldcard, and cobo, what do you use constructing the miltisig? Does Specter or Electrum work with these 3? I'm not a dev and don't do command line.

@Teruko @nitcoib @mattodell Specter with your own btc node is pretty awesome and easy. No CLI required, only to start your specter server.

@Btcjerk @nitcoib @mattodell OK. I have myNode which has Specter. Will try. Thanks.

@mattodell It'll be a normie cluster-fuck just like Facebook.

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