This week's episode of Rabbit Hole Recap is now available:

Uncut & Uncensored. Just me, you, and @martybent sifting through this wild week of bitcoin.

-Emerging Market currency crises
-Iran give Bitcoin mining the go-ahead
-Ethereum FOMC meeting
-Infura centralization
-Casa's new plug and play all-in-one Bitcoin full node + Lightning node
-Discussions of a new Bitcoin testnet

(Available on all major podcast apps by searching 'tales from the crypt')


For your convenience, here's all the links we discuss in this week's show:


Show thread

@mattodell @martybent

Listened on the way in to the office this morning...

The interview with Joe Weisenthal last week was also quite illuminating for anyone who was thinking of passing on it. Very interesting what a difference 10 years in age makes... Quite a remarkable variety in perspectives, and a great counterbalance to bitcoin maximalism... which I appreciate in the space...

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