@MrHodl @mattodell i think OP meant it in terms of me being the founder / developer rather than in practical terms

@Gargron @mattodell Ha! Nice to meet you. So... any chance you're willing to accept bitcoin for this? masto.host/pricing/

@MrHodl yep, bitcoins are welcome but can't do monthly. Email me [email protected] and we can surely find a way to make it work :) @Gargron @mattodell

@MrHodl @Gargron @mattodell @NicolasDorier would love a service that worked with crypto for recurring payments.

@MrHodl Thanks, I need to find time to look into it and understand how the recurring payments work.
C/C @NicolasDorier

@hugo @NicolasDorier

I think @bitcoinshirt can probably help as well. I know he's been using it for awhile.

@hugo @MrHodl yeah recurring payment while possible makes me uncomfortable. Right now BTCPay does not hold private keys and I wished to keep it that way...

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