- Sample size: 2000 american adults
- 8% of respondents own bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies
- Ownership by income bracket:
$100k+ - 7%
$50k to 75k - 11%
Less than $50k - 7%
- 41% say they will never buy bitcoin (we'll see about that)

@mattodell 8% is a lot. After a couple years experiencing Bitcoin and seeing how it’s value evolves on a year-by-year basis, these people will be wondering why do they own any USD at all, and why they accept payments in anything other than BTC.

@mattodell if the sample was representative of the whole population, how many people would be in the 100k+ group? 5?

@mattodell so 10x more in terms of market penetration. 🌛

Interesting. But I think many are lying. I think many are claiming to have owned during the big run up. And they sold at the top because they are prescient.
People love their egos. I bet we are still well under 5%. jmo

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