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This move to mastodon is something special. It reaffirms my belief that you can't stop bitcoiners. You can try, but we're just going to run you over.

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1. Mastodon supports 2FA, so you should go enable that in settings.

2. Use a vpn or tor if you don't want @nvk to know your ip address(es)

Twitter is done. Gradually then suddenly.

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Deactivated my twitter. Fed up of being tagged there and messaged there after 2 years of zero public activity. I generally somewhat hate that site, all the more so because of the political bullshit, but even worse is that 90% of the bitcoin-related content has degenerated into lowest common denominator crap.

Only kept the account up till now because it's easier to read that way, and that 10% or 5% of stuff I want to know about is usually posted there first.

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Design for a CoinSwap Implementation for Massively Improving Bitcoin Privacy and Fungibility

Alice sends tx A->B but the coins actually end up in Z. Then when normie Carol sends a tx an analyst must deal with possibility that Carol's coins disappeared too

going to try to use mastodon more going forward - twitter seems to be falling down the censorship hole pretty hard lately and it’s only going to get worse

This week's episode of RHR on @TFTC21 is now out:

Uncensored, uncut, and slightly belligerent. @martybent & I call it like we see it.

Also available in your favorite podcast app by searching for 'tales from the crypt' and clicking that subscribe button.

I can't believe the 'asics are bad' meme still has any legs.

Shortsighted narrow minded thinking at its finest.


For your convenience, here's all the links we discuss in this week's show:


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This week's episode of Rabbit Hole Recap is now available:

Uncut & Uncensored. Just me, you, and @martybent sifting through this wild week of bitcoin.

-Emerging Market currency crises
-Iran give Bitcoin mining the go-ahead
-Ethereum FOMC meeting
-Infura centralization
-Casa's new plug and play all-in-one Bitcoin full node + Lightning node
-Discussions of a new Bitcoin testnet

(Available on all major podcast apps by searching 'tales from the crypt')

Watching eth stakeholders make every mistake bitcoiners have intentionally avoided is gold.

Provides clear context re: the value prop of bitcoin compared to altcoins. Now we have a perfect case study to point to when questioned whether bitcoin's current path forward is the best option:

-Move slow, and conservative.
-Prioritize censorship resistance and robustness.
-Scale using layers.
-Avoid hard forks at all cost.
-Don't fuck with supply schedule.
-Keep it simple, stupid.

Excited to announce a new weekly pod w/ @martybent. Plan is to record tuesdays and drop them on wednesdays.

It is complementary to his outstanding TFTC21 interviews and will live in the same feed. Basically a week-in-review style show w/ whiskey. Feedback is appreciated.

The 7x bump in hash rate since last year doesn't get enough attention. Look at that chart. Insane.

2,127 bitcoiners have posted 19,435 times on this instance alone.

That's not including the bitcoiners running their own instances or using a different instance.

Pretty impressive Mastodon adoption in such a short time period. 👌

Bitmain appears to be vulnerable, overexposed, and short on cash.

This is great news for bitcoin.

Soup kitchen initiative in Venezuela accepting bitcoin donations. They support lightning as well. 👌

Coordinated by @btcven

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