4,000,074 accounts
+75 in the last hour
+1,965 in the last day
+20,281 in the last week

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@selea @mastodonusercount
I guess it's not even the whole Fediverse, only "observed" one.

@paulfree14 @selea @groosha @mastodonusercount Hi! Is it possible to know how many of them are human beings (no bots or abandoned accounts)?

@titi I did a bot that verify how many of all known Mastodon fediverse users are persons and how many bots. See @ratio. Link to its code in its profile.
@ratio don’t check if all of them are active or not and of course don’t verify that much accounts. It can check all users federated with only but can be usefull to calculate percentages..
@paulfree14 @groosha @mastodonusercount @selea


Well, it seems like [email protected] or has blocked me or this instance for some reason.

@selea sorry…. I though it was about federation.


Well it seems like they have completely blocked this instance, I wonder why.

I don’t know…. But don’t worry: if it’s a misunderstanding you will fix it.

Have a nice day!

@selea @titi
no. I can see you very clear. :-)
I don't know what reason I could have to block you either :-p

Maybe it's a bug?

According with what I'm gathering from that bot's source code it's publishing all Mastodon accounts of all servers included into but is not checking if all servers listed into that file are still alive or not.
Just modified a bit the code of my bot @ratio and it reports me that all users of **alive** servers listed in that instances.json file are far behind those four milions. It returns me only 1520208 users.

@titi @groosha @mastodonusercount @paulfree14 @ratio @selea

@mastodonusercount Mastodon has passed 4 million users!

With caveats that a large percentage are inactive and not all instances may be counted.

But 4 million!

@mastodonusercount Unfortunately, #Mastodon has not 4mio, but only 2,857,795 users. This is the number of users without Gab.

@mastodonusercount Does anyone know what that spike was on 4th of May?

@Ghosty @mastodonusercount We can only assume it was a great disturbance in the force.

So it seems, that we finally surpassed the 4 millions mark. Congratulations to the fediverse!!! :D

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