1,753,359 accounts
+989 in the last hour
+19,677 in the last day
+23,378 in the last week

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@mastodonusercount is that almos 20k new users in one day for the federated mastodon system?

@mastodonusercount ah, wake me up when it's an average of 1k per hour. (See's initial growth)

@mastodonusercount lol recently Tumblr murdered porn and now people have started flocking to Twitter mostly, but a large handful, it seems, have made home here. This group includes me.

@mastodonusercount I’m a tumblr refugee and I think this place is pretty cool

@mastodonusercount always interesting to see graphs of tumblr's abject failures lmao

@mastodonusercount Watch this spike again once December 17th comes around

@mastodonusercount Former Tumblr users just want to be a bunch of rowdy dirty boys in peace. We want the t i d d i e.

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