“Sending a bitcoin transaction and getting married are among the few things left that are entirely romantic; for to be entirely romantic a thing must be irrevocable.” G.K. Nakamoton

Any other bitcoiners heading to the desert in a couple weeks?

I love all the thinking about how to customize this thing and make it better. Bitcoin community has a great can-do attitude.

@harding @BrianLockhart I was thinking “Broadcast” (maybe too long) and “Relay”

@BrianLockhart can always fork it. It would actually be really fun to have instance-specific terminology

There are some rough edges here in Mastodon. But overall I'm impressed.

There's an important lesson here for the tech giants. Their UI's are trivial to build. The only hard part is scaling the backend. But that's not a problem for small-to-medium communities.

Added an index to my Bitcoin docs for each release. Linked from chart header and from each doc page's version header.

Seems like the Bridge to follow Twitter people on Mastodon is broken. Bummer.

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