The Summer of 2018 will be remembered as the Great Cleansing. ETH is dying, the Fat Protocols thesis has been thoroughly debunked, and Bitmain has proved itself too emotional to be a mainstay in this industry.

Bitcoin bathes in the blood of its shitty competitors. It will reemerge stronger than ever when this capitulation is all said and done.


Just facts:

> is the hardest money ever created

> btrash is a fraud/scam/shitcoin backlashing at its creators 💣 💥

> CBs will vanish as soon as Bitcoin will become World Reserve Currency

> govs will go broke (officially/publicly) losing power when ppl understand where their spent taxes are flowing to; afterwards govs will shrink to a justifiable size

> world will shift to consensus rules enforced by Bitcoin

> there isn't _a_ single day in BTC that is not exciting!

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