Wanneer ze over een tijdje in de USA en in het VK d.m.v. botnets, DAO gebaseerde avatars en Digital Identity met elkaar handelen in geld en NFT's, hebben honkvaste Nederlanders ideal en Twyp. 😃

The war in Ukraine turned fiat currencies, like the USD and the Euro, from stores of the fruits of people's labour into weapons, like guns. Guns where Western governments have the trigger and you hold the barrel.

The Dutch are quite hostile towards Bitcoin with a harsh regulation attempt that was succesfully fought in court by the community. With all the new Dutch plans of doubling wind power capacity, after Ukraine/Russia, decision makers have no idea how much they will need Bitcoin mining in order to balance the grid. 🤦‍♂️

There's a lot of activity in regulatory space around Bitcoin these days. In the EU the PoW-ban failed and now we have the attack on developers in the USA. It is likely that, at some point, an attempt to stifle innovation succeeds and a bill makes it into law.
This is fine.
Bitcoin was designed to circumvent something like that. It will be a major test though. A test of our community: if it is also strong enough and able to survive such an event.
Only those who really deserve Bitcoin will GMI.

Network states have no capital to protect.

NFT fanboys claim there is a very big difference between projects like Satoshibles versus Bored Ape YC, but at the same time they say Ethereum is of similar quality versus Bitcoin. 😂🤡🤦‍♂️

El Salvador is ramping up infrastructure investment and construction rapidly. Can’t wait for City construction to begin! 🇸🇻🌋

We need a little help. If there's anyone that wants to help us with our logo for our chocolate please let us know. We don't suck but we ain't great at this. This is where were at but we need something that catches the eye.

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- New navigation 🎨
- Improved onboarding 🏬
- LNURL-Auth ⚡️

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Before 2021 comes to an end, please take time to read Julian Assange’s mother’s open letter to the world.

"Please keep raising your voice to your politicians until that is all you will hear.

His life is in your hands". #FreeAssange


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Starlink works great until the cats find out that the dish gives off a little heat on cold days.

If governments didn't do such a bad job, Bitcoin wouldn't exist.

I used to recommend to precoiners that they put 10% of their savings into . Now I suggest 50%. Times are changing and we should adjust accordingly.

Me: Why does this need a token?
Altcoiner: Because x, y, z.
Me: Those are nonsensical and have all sorts of moral hazards and security vulnerabilities.
Altcoiner: Maxis are such jerks!

When your opponents don't have any arguments better than name-calling, you know you've won.

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