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Dhruv Bansal's "Bitcoin Astronomy" translated into a 132-page Sci-Fi Graphic Novel

ALL art made by AI.

Editing by @TomerStrolight.

Here’s Book 1 of 9 of the Timechain Codex. Enjoy!

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Does anyone else find this chain 'backward'?

I can't fathom why the graphic wouldn't add blocks from the right and have the ascending numbers....in order from left to right.

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“Humans don’t follow laws, they follow incentives.”


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We are feeling the bite of inflation here in prison too.

Peanuts cost 90% more, and a dollar gets you two ramen packs instead of five.

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Stable Diffusion is only 30 days old…
a MEGA THREAD 🧵 on its rapid rise.

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I bust my ass as a soccer player so my money can do this 👇

Biweekly paychecks —> @Bitwage —> magic Internet money —> @ledger cold storage

All done automatically, without fees. @Bitwage

Work for dollars, save in . That’s proof of work.

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is for criminals ? True

Everything we do is or has been considered as a crime in some jurisdiction of the world

@giacomozucco, excellent, as always

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This is the story of two disruptive innovations, several centuries apart, with remarkable similarities.

It teaches us the impact of technology in altering economic incentives and steering the evolution of how society is organized.


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Never forget the importance of being contrapliant.

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1) hanno creato un’emergenza sul numero di morti e ora dicono che erano gonfiati.
2) hanno detto per oltre un anno di non prendere gli antinfiammatori e ora dicono che riducono il rischio di morte del 90%.

È questa la scienza dei quattro cialtroni del CTS?

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Bitcoin Miners are NOT solving complex math problems.

A 🧵 to make your smol brain bigger.

So WTF are they doing?

(RIP to the S9 boards that have fallen.)

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@disinformatico Ovviamente il tuo cervello crede che l'energia elettrica in quelle colonnine venga da Dio,mica da combustibili fossili.
Cazzo che idiota

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