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In the past, however, it often came to light that the people shilling a shitcoin project were somehow involved in said project. I hope this time is different.


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the power rangers reunion episode is less energetic than i expected

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El Salvador wants to mine with volcanoes.
Saylor is about to drop $500M on BTC.
Taproot is 67 blocks away from lock in.

And you're bearish anon?

"Bitcoin has a lot of amazing features, but one of my favorites is that it completely obsoletes the IMF."

📍Medellin, Colombia

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@WillHash4Coins Current ECB head*

The ECB is run by a convicted criminal!

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Gentle reminder that Christine Lagarde (IMF head) is a convicted criminal. twitter.com/mor_pav/status/140

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“Evil bitcoin people went to a conference with 12,000 people and 5 walked away with a mild cold.

So far no deaths, but this is why we should ban !”


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"Most people don’t want accurate information, they want validating information.

Growth requires you to be open to unlearning ideas that previously served you."


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Dying on the bitclout hill will be a lonely death.

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So Breedlove tweets a couple days before their exchange listing


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The Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet by the equivalent of 3,368,619 $BTC over the last month.

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Volcanoes produce fertile land.
Bitcoin produces fertile people.

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I demand to see a full breakdown of the energy mix that backs the USD. It has been brought to my attention that the only thing green about the dollar is its color.

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@michael_saylor Bitcoin miners already belong to a voluntary & open forum. Volunteering any information to this council of bad actors will only lead to coercion.

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