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@NealWiser @DRAFZALNIAZ2 @TheCryptoSniper Peer reviewed, peer reviewed! Nxa!

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Good morning, they can only control us as long as we are using their currency.

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Find the difference. Hint: They were the same price but purchased a couple of weeks apart.

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When you have pocket Jacks, you may want to consider going all in.

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Ho pubblicato la guida all'Home Mining di traducendo in italiano dall'originale Mining for the Streets di @Diverter_NoKYC .

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ESG energy FUD, Evergrande FUD, China mining FUD, Tether FUD, US and EU regulatory FUD.

👇👇👇(🔊 on)

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Hey @Jack go all in. The sats amount should be on top and in bold. If people are choosing bitcoin option then make sats the standard:


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Just in one country masks are still required. Which one is it 🤔

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For the record, the price of   was $1,022 when China first banned it in 2013.

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Nothing is so patronizing & narcissistic than gov obliterating the middle & lower classes, literally handing ~$3 trillion to the wealthiest in the country, manipulating interest to 0% for corp loans use to pump their own stocks, & then acting like we need gov to fix inequality.

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141 persone malate di COVID in New South Wales Australia tutte vaccinate. twitter.com/spinte8/status/144

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Ma quindi l'apartheid era uno strumento di libertà pensato per aumentare le libertà sia dei bianchi che dei neri, giusto?

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I just published Announcing the Strike API

Today, @Twitter enables free, instant, global payments for their users with their integration of the Strike API.

What the internet did for communication, + the Lightning Network is doing for money.


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This police officer should be in prison @VictoriaPolice

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Name this band.

The Print Shop Boys
Inflatewood Mac

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