@nic ugh. I really don’t understand why he’s being like this on this topic. BDS I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alright fam. @nic has a debate coming up with Mike Green. What’s Mike’s game plan? My estimation is that he will focus on the incentive structures of China and the US (incentive to ban), and tether.

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Any decent financial advisor should be able to explain the risks of owning bitcoin.

A great financial advisor will be able to explain the risks of not owning bitcoin.

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“100% of those conversations have been about Bitcoin and 0% of them have been about any other crypto asset”

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I wrote a piece on bitcoin, explaining the latest rally, for a pretty mainstream publication. they asked for 1000 words. I gave them 3000 lol. written specifically for an outside audience

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should I write a piece debunking tether fud lmao

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My Lightning Network Gaming startup THNDR GAMES just crossed the 100,000 download mark.

Lightning Network Deniers have gone the way of the Dodo 🦤


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