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We're at least federating... Decentralization is next.

In your opinion, what is more FUN to use TODAY?

1 day on Mastodon > followers than I ever got on Instagram:

I think this is the right platform.

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weapons in the fight for freedom:
- linux
- vpn
- tor
- signal
- bitcoin

learn 'em. use 'em.


Lets see how much this site has exploded.

Last Week
"statuses": "1710",
"logins": "232",
"registrations": "10"

This Week
"statuses": "7556",
"logins": "1527",
"registrations": "915"

Don't forget, DMs on Mastodon have no guarantee of being private across different instances.

Just a friendly reminder during these 'difficult' times. 😂

Perhaps a way to build the network faster. Add your Mastodon name to text file so new registrants can import an initial follow list.

Who is interested in joining a weekly meeting for an open discussion regarding open-source, decentralized, federated, and mesh platforms/networks?

I run a professional broadcast content creation studio and we're looking to offer features like censorship resistance, anonymity, and the ability to communicate while being de-platformed from centralized services

Time is of the essence. We have backing from entrepreneurs professionals, industry leaders, and other folks wanting to speak up but unable

@cadwgan0 @lukewestlake There's a lot of first steps to take. Apple/Google app store ecosystems are just one facet of the problem - another is centralization in hosting on AWS. Think of it in terms of parallel efforts that fit into each other. Look for open source, decentralized things that you can help build or improve.

Freedom of speech is important to a lot of people here.

It's clear the time to develop and build communities around federated and mesh solutions.

How do we ensure we develop these solutions efficiently and while keeping freedom of speech at the forefront?

I'm not a developer, but I've been thinking and talking about decentralized open-source solutions for many years. I'm not skilled enough to develop these myself, but I have a lot of ideas.

It's time to make this happen.

Decentralized P2P communications and entertainment are every bit as important as Decentralized P2P money.

Anything 'they' can shutdown, they will.

Don't give them the choice.

Got this acc because I am tired of tech tyrants.

I have a question.

If 1M new users flood Mastodon tomorrow, what does the scaling-up process look like?

I know that depends on many things, but in general is it feasible for those running free servers to onboard a ton of new people quickly?

Maybe it's wishful thinking to assume a large number people will find their way to a decentralized federated solution like Mastodon, but I'm curious to know more about scalability.

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They laughed when I told them to get ham radios.

Welcome to the future. Impressed already. Looking forward connecting with everyone!

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