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P.S. Will people who cancel due to this get their deposit back adjusted for inflation? You've sat on our money all this time, it's only right.

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I get inflation, but you should really consider honouring the prices you promised people for their first year of service.

We've waited patiently, while you delayed our service over a year extra so you could put hotspots at Tesla superchargers...

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@[email protected] emailed "Due to excessive levels of inflation, the price of the Starlink kit is increasing from $499 to $549 for deposit holders, and $599 for all new orders, effective today. In addition, the Starlink monthly service price will increase from $99 to $110."

Had a strange : accidentally discovered a time machine in the form of an deep elevator. But by the time I realised it, I was far in the future, my family all dead. So I had no choice but to try going back down to see if there was any way to go backward in time. But first, wanted to research the house's history to see if there was evidence of success... :|

"Once Giuseppe Siri had been replaced [by John XXIII, to [become pope] … Within 48 hours, both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. simultaneously announced the suspension of their respective nuclear testing programs."

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"…there were more nuclear weapons exploded during the 18 days, between the death of Pope Pius XII and [the election of false "pope" John XXIII], than had occurred during any comparable time period since the first atomic blast…"😮

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@zerohedge Any company that laid people off for being unvaccinated should be boycotted by would-be employees (vax'd or not) until the management responsible has been fired.

To tell you what you must put in your body, means they consider employees to be slaves.

TIL vinegar is the poop of a bacteria after it eats the poop of yeast having eaten sugar.

As if I needed more reason not to consume alcohol...

This is why you shouldn't trust anything "cloud", or controlled by someone other than yourself (including /#Intel CPUs, or unrootable phones, etc).
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They're asking Elon Musk to remotely turn off all Russian Teslas now

This has become a looking glass into the leftist future

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Announcing Luke Dashjr as a speaker!

@lukedashjr is a Bitcoin Core developer and the earliest developer who is still active. He has been working on Bitcoin development for over a decade and has contributed to numerous projects in the Bitcoin space.

Finally compromised on tolerating Raspberry Pi for my thermostat, and got for it.

Ported my old FreeAbode software.

Russia seems likely to say the sanctions prove participating countries are US puppets.
But in reality, the sanctions are caused by Russia's own actions.

At the same time, I note the US was never sanctioned like this for it's several invasions over the past few decades, so in that sense Russia might have a point.

Hopefully moving forward, countries sanctioning Russia today will have the balls to sanction the US when we deserve it too.

The vulnerabilities in CPUs are 4 years old now, and it seems at least @[email protected] is just planning to ignore the problem and never fix it...?

And I can't find much up-to-date info on the risks (nor old explanations - I've forgotten the details myself).


Update: Server seems to be back online as of ~4 hours ago.

However, it hasn't been fully rebooted in years, so I'm not sure I got everything back online 100%.

Please let me know if you see anything that appears to be missing/malfunctioning.

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In today's newsletter, there are a lot of factors behind unnecessary police shootings of gun owners. A major under-discussed one is that police tactics evolved during the mid-to-late 20th century nadir of American gun rights. Here's why that's important:

About a decade ago, someone running a hosting company offered me a dedicated server at cost.
A few years later, some other company acquired them, and bumped my price up a bit.
Last night, that server went down, and despite 3 "no info" responses many hours later, I still have no clue what's going on.

Looking at alternatives, it seems like the (reasonably-priced) hosting world is stuck in 2012? Kinda surprised there's no real upgrades on the market...

Any tips?

node stats fixed and fully restored. Historical data missing yesterday's data point due to the downtime (though the actual data to generate it exists, but I'm not planning to bother with it).

Solution was to enable the deprecated(!) "fast" mode for pickle.
Nearly doubled the file size (due to not deduplicating strings), but it doesn't require extreme memory usage.

@[email protected]
should reconsider deprecating it, since it's useful for low memory usage scenarios...

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node stats are broken, and I've run out of time to troubleshoot it tonight.

Problem is 's "pickle" is running out of memory (32-bit VM currently).
Any easy fixes until some day I get around to upgrading everything to 64-bit? :/

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The Beast (elsewhere called the False Prophet) of Apocalypse 13:11 is interpreted by Fr Herman Bernard Kramer (b. 1884) as "an apostate bishop or cardinal, or... resembl[ing] one," who "usurps the papal supremacy" during a vacancy of the Holy See:

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