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Announcing Luke Dashjr as a speaker!

@lukedashjr is a Bitcoin Core developer and the earliest developer who is still active. He has been working on Bitcoin development for over a decade and has contributed to numerous projects in the Bitcoin space.

Finally compromised on tolerating Raspberry Pi for my thermostat, and got for it.

Ported my old FreeAbode software.

Russia seems likely to say the sanctions prove participating countries are US puppets.
But in reality, the sanctions are caused by Russia's own actions.

At the same time, I note the US was never sanctioned like this for it's several invasions over the past few decades, so in that sense Russia might have a point.

Hopefully moving forward, countries sanctioning Russia today will have the balls to sanction the US when we deserve it too.

The vulnerabilities in CPUs are 4 years old now, and it seems at least @[email protected] is just planning to ignore the problem and never fix it...?

And I can't find much up-to-date info on the risks (nor old explanations - I've forgotten the details myself).


Update: Server seems to be back online as of ~4 hours ago.

However, it hasn't been fully rebooted in years, so I'm not sure I got everything back online 100%.

Please let me know if you see anything that appears to be missing/malfunctioning.

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In today's newsletter, there are a lot of factors behind unnecessary police shootings of gun owners. A major under-discussed one is that police tactics evolved during the mid-to-late 20th century nadir of American gun rights. Here's why that's important:

About a decade ago, someone running a hosting company offered me a dedicated server at cost.
A few years later, some other company acquired them, and bumped my price up a bit.
Last night, that server went down, and despite 3 "no info" responses many hours later, I still have no clue what's going on.

Looking at alternatives, it seems like the (reasonably-priced) hosting world is stuck in 2012? Kinda surprised there's no real upgrades on the market...

Any tips?

node stats fixed and fully restored. Historical data missing yesterday's data point due to the downtime (though the actual data to generate it exists, but I'm not planning to bother with it).

Solution was to enable the deprecated(!) "fast" mode for pickle.
Nearly doubled the file size (due to not deduplicating strings), but it doesn't require extreme memory usage.

@[email protected]
should reconsider deprecating it, since it's useful for low memory usage scenarios...

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node stats are broken, and I've run out of time to troubleshoot it tonight.

Problem is 's "pickle" is running out of memory (32-bit VM currently).
Any easy fixes until some day I get around to upgrading everything to 64-bit? :/

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The Beast (elsewhere called the False Prophet) of Apocalypse 13:11 is interpreted by Fr Herman Bernard Kramer (b. 1884) as "an apostate bishop or cardinal, or... resembl[ing] one," who "usurps the papal supremacy" during a vacancy of the Holy See:

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Note that I am not trying to downplay anything. Bitcoin uses a lot of energy, and is expected to continue doing so at least while the subsidy lasts. Humans contribute to climate change, and this will be a problem which needs solutions. Policing how people use energy is not one.

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The above is a sincerely held belief; I truly find it astonishing that people care about seeing sports to that extent. I see why people want to play sports, perhaps, or even learn from others better than them. Professional sports are not that, though.

Still no reason to ban it.

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About policing energy for PoW:

I don't understand professional sports. I cannot see why people want to spend time and money on seeing others play. Why do we as society permit energy being burned on flying teams and fans around, building stadiums, all for... entertainment?!

My review of BIP 119 (CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY) proposal for

tl;dr: I don't think CTV is ready yet (but probably close), and in any case definitely not worth reviving BIP 9 with its known flaws and vulnerability.

Anyone know if has a shorter incubation period? Would be nice to at least reduce the time someone isolates before we reconnect...

Uh oh, 2 year old is singing "baka baka*" to the tune of Little Drummer Boy...


Today, we Catholics celebrate the feast of Our Lord's circumcision.

While the Church condemns circumcision under the New Covenant, it was under the Old Covenant an equivalent to baptism, and in the case of Christ, of special importance to mankind in that it was the first occasion Jesus's Precious Blood was shed for our sake.

In 2017, miners attempted to assert control over the protocol, and failed thanks to / .

Later, exchanges attempted to assert control over the protocol, and failed again ().

In 2021, developers attempted to assert control over the protocol by reverting to BIP9, and reintroducing and enforcing the miner veto, after the community came to consensus on BIP8.

It's not entirely clear if that failed or succeeded. But it should receive the same reaction: complete resistance.

Matrix 4 rant / spoilers? 

IMO 4 was a disappointment. It felt like "filler episodes" some series have, where the actual storyline is ignored / doesn't really progress.

I kept expecting the machines to say "you stole Neo - give him back or war!"; "Smith is back -deal's void!"; or something like that to set up for a new standoff. :/

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