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Anyone know if has a shorter incubation period? Would be nice to at least reduce the time someone isolates before we reconnect...

Uh oh, 2 year old is singing "baka baka*" to the tune of Little Drummer Boy...


Today, we Catholics celebrate the feast of Our Lord's circumcision.

While the Church condemns circumcision under the New Covenant, it was under the Old Covenant an equivalent to baptism, and in the case of Christ, of special importance to mankind in that it was the first occasion Jesus's Precious Blood was shed for our sake.

In 2017, miners attempted to assert control over the protocol, and failed thanks to / .

Later, exchanges attempted to assert control over the protocol, and failed again ().

In 2021, developers attempted to assert control over the protocol by reverting to BIP9, and reintroducing and enforcing the miner veto, after the community came to consensus on BIP8.

It's not entirely clear if that failed or succeeded. But it should receive the same reaction: complete resistance.

Matrix 4 rant / spoilers? 

IMO 4 was a disappointment. It felt like "filler episodes" some series have, where the actual storyline is ignored / doesn't really progress.

I kept expecting the machines to say "you stole Neo - give him back or war!"; "Smith is back -deal's void!"; or something like that to set up for a new standoff. :/

Controversial opinion: I'm no fan of Mr. Biden, but he took the LGB comment perfectly:
"LGB, I agree"

Assuming he knew what it meant, his response shows humility and turning the other cheek.

anti-Microsoft rant 

No email is worth this much trouble.
If it was yours, please re-send with standard PGP.

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anti-Microsoft rant 

Someone sent an "encrypted" email from a @Microsoft email service.

MS demands I enable JS & create an account.
Not okay, but I did it.

Later, I want to read it again.
Surprise: account is locked; allegedly I violated ToS???
MS demands a phone number. Not happening.

After wasted time w/ customer svc, I ask where to serve MS with a lawsuit.
Apparently they think they are above the law… Insist I can't sue, only talk to customer svc.

RT @[email protected]

Another myth of our pre-enlightened past is that it was a time of misery and want, with frequent starvation, especially for the lower classes. Here is the scientist John Locke in his diary dated 1 March 1681 on his interview with 108 year old working class Londoner, Alice George.

node stats update:

Figured out a way to detect and ignore some fake bots pretending to be lots of 0.16.0 nodes.

This brings the real node count down from ~70k to more like ~50k :(

(On the bright side, it also means Taproot enforcement is more like 62% - not great, but less terrible than before)

Knots "Steel Rope" LTS 21.2.knots20210629 released! 🎉

Note: The LTS downloads are under "advanced"

If you're not wearing a P100 respirator to protect against , you might want to consider wearing it to protect against the inevitable contagious "vaccine" which is the likely endgame of rapists...

RT @[email protected]
Since this has come up a couple times, we'd like to ask if our hard-line open firmware stance is what you all would like to see, or if the P10 concerns are relegated to specific users. Let us know below!

tfw you order 12 cans of corn and they send you 12 boxes😶

"He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust." -St. Thomas Aquinas

FWIW, even if no company out there has the budget to fully fund my development work, it would still be helpful if they could put me (& family) on some kind of health or dental insurance; or even cover expenses for a conference here or there...

I feel like this goes without saying but....

***Don't buy hosted miners that aren't going to come online basically immediately in any circumstance***


Miners hosted by someone else do not make the bitcoin network any more decentralized.

Not your miner, not your hashrate.

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