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1954, Pope Pius XII officially expels Montini (future "Pope" Paul VI) from the Vatican and exiles him.

Pius XII takes this drastic step so that the KGB mole could no longer interfere in Vatican affairs, his secret correspondences having led to many priests being apprehended behind the Iron Curtain.

"Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism", by the Frs. Radecki, p. 250

It occurs to me a major UX problem with @SubwayTooter is that it shows "favourites" and "boosts" almost identical to the actual toot.

Is there a way to get it to visually distinguish them? (Ideally drop the opacity like Mastodon's web UI does)

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Reminder the police are not on our side
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Father Fidelis Moscinski CFR being dragged from praying at an abortion clinic by United States police.

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Anyone else feel like “Did they have any underlying health conditions?” is starting to sound a lot like “what was she wearing?” or “was she drunk?”

"…where a law is enacted contrary to reason, or to the eternal law, or to some ordinance of God, obedience is unlawful, lest, while obeying man, we become disobedient to God. Thus, an effectual barrier being opposed to tyranny, the authority in the State will not have all its own way, but the interests and rights of all will be safeguarded…" -Pope Leo XIII, Libertas Praestantissimum

Really need to get some smarts into my thermostats...

But as hard as I look, I can't find a decent owner-controlled solution.

Any ideas?

Minimum req:
- 24VAC power + 4 relays
- temperature/humidity sensor below board away from heat generation
- typical thermostat size
- Wifi

Nice to have:
- ESP32 or Linux-based
- 3+ physical buttons
- e-ink and/or backlight control
- camera

YouTube video from last meeting with some trance music in the background:

A short video from first Knots Weekly Dev Meeting:

And instructions to compile Knots:

Topic for next meeting this weekend: JSON-RPC

Deleted all my tweets related to . Not worth the risk that Twitter might actually be leftist enough to ban someone over it (and searching online found what appears to be them doing just that).

If you want to continue the discussion here, please keep in mind the topic isn't "when or if you should spank" but "whether a parent who does spank should be put in jail and/or have their children kidnapped".

Time's up on for me.
Not going to continue isolation - it's not worth it anymore.
This has gone on too long, COVID is mostly passed, and worst case we have treatments now.

I was around other people today.
Without a mask.

(Still going to take it gradual though)

Anyone want to group-buy and share a private plane? (I hear it's affordable.)

Ideally one that can safely transport 12+ people (mostly children) internationally.

Mandates don't work because:

1) they result in mostly theatre, not common sense use of the masks in a beneficial way
2) enforcement increases spread between the people most likely to exhale the virus and officers
3) trying to force people often triggers a disobedience reaction

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Cloth masks don't filter particles, nor are they intended to.

Instead, what they do is trap the moisture attached to the virus.
Without the moisture, they fall to the ground rather than going airborne.
This results in a ~25% reduction of spread if everyone infected wears them.

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N95 and better filter 95% of 0.3 micron particles. But they do BETTER for both larger AND smaller particles. 0.3 microns is the hardest size to filter, even harder than smaller sizes.

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Knots 22.0.knots20211108 released! 🎉

Note: I also plan to release a Long-Term Support 21.2 in the near future, for users who prefer to minimise new-feature risks.
If you prefer to use a LTS branch, I recommend *not* upgrading to 22.x and waiting for 21.2 instead.

Yes, it is absolutely justified self-defense to shoot someone who is trying to steal your gun.

Self-defense includes defense against both robbery and an attempt to take away your right to defend yourself.

Disclaimer: No clue who the names are



Self defense?

That is like say Devon Erickson killed Kendrick Castillo in self defense when the later tried to take his gun

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Everyone, please keep in your prayers Andy Heasman, a sedevacantist in Ireland, who was arrested yesterday. He is a vociferous activist who has denounced Freemasonry and the Novus Ordo religion in his country.

I knew @[email protected] was going to ruin , but I wasn't quite prepared for just _how_ bad they would ruin it.

Next time, they should just pretend it is an unrelated series... sigh

Reality: “US closed borders to unvaccinated (including naturally immune) passengers from abroad”

The media:

A scammer is actively going through old CVE for exploitable conditions in old Bitcoin node software.

You should update your node software.

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