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politics, anti-racism 

This past month or so has made it absolutely clear there is systemic , and that it is now considered socially acceptable to be racist and discriminate openly.

But it's already illegal. So the question is, when will the government prosecute? Or is this anti-"white" racism the new norm in ?

Thanks to @[email protected] for merging my BIP 8 improvements and adding me as a co-champion.
Hopefully just in time for finishing it up for deploying to !

Recording of the BitDevsLA video conference where I discuss the recently discovered /PSBT vulnerability in (CVE-2020-14199)

I hear bcashers are having a schism over whether to hardfork every 6 months or every 9 months.

Going to have to side with the 6monthers:

If you make it every 9 months, then babies conceived celebrating hardfork N will put the women in the hospital for delivery right when HF N+1 is activating, reducing manpower by half if something goes wrong...


The Defense Distributed Liberator ported to a 7656 character script for the OpenSCAD compiler and printed on a T-shirt (or if you prefer, a hoodie)

The technology does not exist today to verify an implementation is faithful to a specification.

Due to the nature of consensus systems, it is necessarily the implementation that is authoritative.

To compete with Core, fork the consensus code.
Anything less is likely buggy.

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@[email protected] wrote:
> Why hasn’t the Bitcoin community formalized the consensus rules of the bitcoin protocol into a formal spec?
> The cynical view is to prevent competition with Core

I am a community-paid developer working on Bitcoin Core and many other parts of the ecosystem.

You can help fund my public Bitcoin work by:
1) Sending me bitcoins - contact me for a per-transaction/unique address!
2) GitHub Sponsors:
3) Patreon:

Due to keyserver reliability issues, I have updated my key hosted at to the latest version (and just extended expiration by another year).

Please ensure it matches the key you already have, and/or otherwise verify my key fingerprint from at least a few sources!

For reference, fingerprint should be E463A93F5F3117EEDE6C7316BD02942421F4889F

The severity of this may be exaggerated:
Since this vulnerability can only be exploited by tricking the user to sign twice, there's a fundamental unfixable attack here anyway:
If they can trick you to sign twice, they can probably also get you to send the full amount twice too.

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If you maintain software using libbase58 (typically -related software), please reach out to me privately with a link to your code (if open source) and a PGP key.

This relates to your project's .

Bug in , which can be a security vulnerability for hardware wallets and similar.
isn't vulnerable itself, but users of Segwit wallets should ensure they upgrade if affected, before *sending* any new transactions.
(The solution is to not use a new technical-internals feature Segwit introduced.)

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