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There's also a live YouTube stream in case you don't want to participate by video, or if we get too crowded.

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Having an informal Zoom discussion in about 3 ½ hours at:
Tonal: 0·5 T.
UTC: 12:30 Midnight
JST: 9:30 AM
EDT: 8:30 PM
PDT: 5:30 PM

Topics include (but not limited to) , / , , or whatever else we decide to talk about :)

To join (in 3 hours):
1) Open the link below
2) Allow Javascript (sorry)
3) Click "join from your browser" in smaller text on the bottom
4) Enter a name or pseudonym & complete captcha nonsense

I've scheduled an informal Zoom discussion for this Thursday/Friday at:
Tonal: 0·5 T. (Fri)
UTC: 12:30 Midnight (Fri)
JST: 9:30 AM (Fri)
EDT: 8:30 PM (Thurs)
PDT: 5:30 PM (Thurs)

Topics include (but not limited to) , / , , or whatever else we decide to talk about :)

Now that has got the block subsidy reduction out of the way (another success!), should we take another look at a block size limit reduction UASF? 🤔

FWIW, just did my first test: Negative for antibodies.

Guess that ruins (in our case) the hypothesis that everyone got it months ago without noticing.

Also means I need to keep being cautious/prudent. :/

When should have been reducing block sizes to 300k, instead the community opted to increase them to 2-4 MB.

In the years following, when it became clear that was a mistake, the community still failed to act to fix it.

This may very well prove fatal to Bitcoin.

Was it panic when warned Joseph of an upcoming famine?
Was it panic when Joseph responded by storing food so the people wouldn't starve during said famine?

Was it panic when spent a night in prayer before His passion?
Is it panic when soon-to-be-martyrs are baptised?
Is it panic when priests give the Sacrament of extreme unction to the sick and dying?

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I wish people would stop referring to reasonable precautions and preparations for the as "panic".

Is it panic when you buckle your seat belt?
Is it panic when you don't buy that expensive TV because you need the money for groceries?

- The Overview tab now has the ability to hide private information. This is still an experimental feature, and suggestions for how the new "privacy mode" should look can be made on the related Core PR:

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- PSBT support has been experimentally expanded to include the new version and proprietary fields, as well as easier usage from the GUI for watch-only wallets.

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New features of particular interest:

- BIP157 (Neutrino) can be enabled to serve compact block filters to peers. This requires both the `-blockfilterindex` and `-peercfilters` options enabled, and can also be turned on in the GUI settings under the Network tab.

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A very old post from @lukedashjr, with a clever way to create an auction using payments.

Seems even more relevant now, PSBTs would make this a lot simpler to implement.

I just published a disclosure for CVE-2018–20586, a log injection vulnerability affecting Core/Knots v0.12.0 through v0.17.0 (fixed in v0.17.1, released 2018 Dec 22nd)

Published a disclosure for the details of CVE-2017–18350, fixed in Core and Knots v0.15.1

TFW "Jesus is King" is trending (on Twitter), but it's just about some rapper, rather than changing governments and Constitutions to recognise the real kingship of Christ. 😑

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