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Ahead of the activation meeting this coming Tuesday, I am preparing a draft of a proposal we can adapt/polish and send to the wider community for approval.

Still WIP; contributions welcome.

www-plugins/great-suspender-7.1.6 added to my personal Gentoo overlay (layman -a luke-jr)

This is the last non-malware version, and I added a USE flag to patch it with a migration tool (suspended tabs ONLY, no other settings/sessions/etc).

Builds with your own custom private key / extension id, saved in /etc/portage for future rebuilds/updates.

Seems like the biggest danger is cookies.

I am manually logging out of any webpages that have cookies set, and wiping my cookies.

It could have also logged any web activity, or done its own web activity as me. If you know of anything suspicious "I" did, let me know please.

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Apparently I've been using a malicious browser extension for months.
If you were using The Great Suspender, this affects you too.

Not sure yet what the scope of potential compromise is.
My cold wallet and PGP keys should be safe, at least.

@pete @georgevaccaro @rusty I mean deploying activation is a step AFTER the community has already decided to accept Taproot.

Non-activation is no longer on the table.

If we're still unsure, nobody should deploy any activation code until we are sure.

@pete @georgevaccaro @rusty But the choice was already made, or the activation shouldn't be in there for anyone yet.

@pete @georgevaccaro @rusty So what? Ask users "Taproot or no?" But the whole premise of having activation in there is that the users have already decided...

@rusty Activation should only be deployed AFTER the decision has already been made.

If we're not as a community already certain on Taproot, then discussion of activation methods is premature.

So no, it does not honestly feed the perception of dev control.

@michaelfolkson @kekcoin @rusty LOT only matters at all if miners don't activate it. It makes no sense to talk about LOT in the context of miners doing so.

@michaelfolkson @kekcoin @rusty LOT=false is literally "not activate Taproot for over a year"...

@kekcoin @michaelfolkson @rusty a) How not? It was announced weeks ago, and I tweeted about it (here too) several times...

b/c) freenode staff were not involved.

@kekcoin @michaelfolkson @rusty Miners aren't relevant in this in the first place.

Not to mention it's a safeguard against miners. It makes no sense to ask the hired security if they should get to be CEO too.

@michaelfolkson @kekcoin @rusty The only thing it told us was that there was no consensus yet.

@rusty There was no polling to determine majority from.

@pox wut? LOT has no effect until the end... and only if miners don't activate.

@rusty Many people did support LOT=false, but many also supported LOT=true.

I don't think anyone gave much thought to a safe start time for Segwit... just assumed 2 months was fine.

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