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@green @verretor @crunklord420 You're just twisting Scripture here. We don't have the option for direct theocratic rule by God.

@LibertyRex @nvk That may be, but it doesn't mean we can't discuss it😉

@econengineer @verretor @green @crunklord420 Wrongs are by definition not rights.

God would have stopped Adam & Eve if He did not have a plan to bring a greater good out of it, and even with such a plan, it did not absolve them of their sin, much less entitle them to protection from the consequences.

@verretor @green @crunklord420 Pharaoh's superior authorised it, and gave Moses his own authority.

@verretor @green @crunklord420 So heretics who deny the State's authority comes from God?

A new user on this instance was reported for scamcoinery, specifically regarding DXY (dollar index).

Is DXY a scamcoin? Should it be allowed here?

Please select "no opinion" if you don't want to look up what DXY is.

@honeybadger69420 @futuresbestia @vaibhav Reminder that scamcoins are not allowed on this instance.

@green @verretor @crunklord420 To borrow a definition from the Catholic Encyclopedia (from "Liberalism"),

"a partial or total emancipation of man from the supernatural, moral, and Divine order"

"an absolute and unrestrained freedom of thought, religion, conscience, creed, speech, press, and politics"

@green @verretor @crunklord420 Putting a vague notion of liberty above at least government obligations, but often extending into treating it as the greatest good.

@Enki @nvk Federation doesn't require approval, does it?

@verretor Looking through the list, I don't see any I would actually recommend :/

@verretor @Enki @alan8325 Some of the admins, perhaps, but I doubt all their users are that bigoted

@Enki @alan8325 @verretor Do note that anyone on this instance is free to block anyone else they want. I think you could even domain block the list linked if you want to (though you can't block your own instance of course)

@verretor We do have admins and accountability. We should probably fix the "no public rules" bit... I *thought* we had them posted somewhere, but can't find them now. :/

BeagleBoard just announced an affordable (rumored around ~$120) RISC-V board with Linux support

that would be nice

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