@joshirio @Clashicly @dilutionproof @lizard @Iamtutut The "GPU" isn't really a GPU. It is the boss over the system, with full access to everything.

The cores they let you run Linux on are actually just coprocessors.

@Clashicly @dilutionproof @lizard @Iamtutut What makes you think anyone other than Microsoft and/or the NSA can exploit it?

@lizard @eatoutfrom5lbs @dilutionproof @Iamtutut I was not really happy with the RockPro64 and haven't evaluated anything else yet.

Apparently thinks this violated their rules lol

Got a 12 hour ban out of it

(Removed on appeal, but still)

Core PPA updated for 0.21

Now also including support for @Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo)


@green @verretor @crunklord420 You are citing the devil's lies in an attempt to disprove authority granted by God.

@green @verretor @crunklord420 I'm not twisting it to mean something it clearly doesn't.

There is no such thing as "spontaneous order".

The State is part of God's order.

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