@mitchmigala extranonce is bytes, not a number per se. It's just convenient to treat it as a number, and we don't really care what the byte order used is

@r251d It would make much more sense to prosecute the abortion providers and IVF clinicians. Maybe the women bragging about their abortions.

But yes, ideally victims shouldn't be prosecuted. Even if they were, I'm sure juries would let them off.

@r251d Also, the "concoction" was just water. If it had any chemical properties, it would have condemned *every* woman who drank it. But it only condemned guilty women because it was harmless in itself (and the harm was caused by God in response to the priest's curses).

@r251d No, it didn't. If the wife was pregnant, there would be no question as to her adultery. The test was for a non-pregnant wife.

@mitchmigala Time isn't normally supposed to ever be rolled (except once per second of course)

@r251d There's no situation that can justify abortion

@mitchmigala You'll get the 8-zero hashes 1000 times faster, and therefore more hashes with even larger zero counts.

@mitchmigala In debug mode, it probably will.

8 leading zeros is the very minimum hash it even bothers to look at or measure. Otherwise, it would simply be way too slow.

@mitchmigala It's normal to get false positives, but not normal for BFGMiner to tell you about them, so if it is, that could indicate a problem.

@mitchmigala Sorry, Mastodon spammed me with a ton of "new user joined" notifications -.-

Where are you at now?

Considering that today's ruling is merely judicial in nature, and no legislation has changed, it is technically correct that abortion has been illegal* for the past 50 years.

So retroactive prosecution is on the table, right?

@mitchmigala Bitmain stopped providing devices for development, so I have no clue about anything they've made in the past several years.

@mitchmigala Would probably need a T15 (or a smaller version?) to develop with

11 year old made some pound based on ep 11.

It's...different, but okay👍 😂

Slaves in the middle ages used to work ~150 days a year, and were provided with room and board.

Modern employees work ~230 days a year (50% more), and often can't afford room and board without going into debt.

@Full_node From what I've seen, it's only "weaker" in people who already had COVID. There's no evidence it wouldn't be just as bad for someone who hasn't. Do you know of any?

Definitely not getting the vax.

@Full_node A large % of people who survive COVID, have long-term brain and/or organ damage. It's not just a cold.

Good masks don't risk bacteria or illness.

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