@georgevaccaro @nvk Pieter says it definitely isn't a problem for ECDSA nor Schnorr, and might not even be for RSA

@simulx Sure, my point is that it should be unanimous and we shouldn't accept a split jury.

@max302 @pete I don't run it on my laptop for the RAM reason as well.

But my old desktop PC's USB hardware got messed up by uhubctl, so I wanted to cold boot it...

@pete I also didn't like the fact that when I found a bug, I had to fix it myself. :p

@pete btrfs got to the point my IRC connections were timing out because the IRC client was blocking on writing log files...

@pete I made the mistake of using btrfs once. Never again.

PSA: OpenZFS for Linux simply corrupts your data if you hibernate. Sigh.


@stevenroose @GunnarStoedle The chaos only happens if miners attack the old+False nodes. In the normal activation path, all the nodes work fine.

hopefully final code-review session for BIP8 in 50 minutes in freenode #-activation

If you know C++ (or even if you don't, but can follow it) please join us to help review!

Target: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul

Today's meeting was IMO largely unproductive, but we did manage to come to consensus on everything but LockinOnTimeout.

Activation height range: 693504-745920
MASF threshold: 1815/2016 blocks (90%)


Keep in mind only ~100 people showed for the meetings, hardly representative of the entire community.
So, these details remain JUST a proposal for now.

It seems inevitable that there won't be consensus on LOT.
Everyone will have to choose for himself. :/

In half an hour, the second activation meeting on begins in #-activation on freenode!

Join via web browser: webchat.freenode.net/?channel=

Topic is activation params, particularly lockinontimeout and startheight

We should lock the senators in their room until they are unanimous with their verdict.

There is no reason an impeachment outcome should be partisan.

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