@georgevaccaro @nvk Pieter says it definitely isn't a problem for ECDSA nor Schnorr, and might not even be for RSA

@simulx Sure, my point is that it should be unanimous and we shouldn't accept a split jury.

@max302 @pete I don't run it on my laptop for the RAM reason as well.

But my old desktop PC's USB hardware got messed up by uhubctl, so I wanted to cold boot it...

@pete I also didn't like the fact that when I found a bug, I had to fix it myself. :p

@pete btrfs got to the point my IRC connections were timing out because the IRC client was blocking on writing log files...

@pete I made the mistake of using btrfs once. Never again.

PSA: OpenZFS for Linux simply corrupts your data if you hibernate. Sigh.


@stevenroose @GunnarStoedle The chaos only happens if miners attack the old+False nodes. In the normal activation path, all the nodes work fine.

hopefully final code-review session for BIP8 in 50 minutes in freenode #-activation

If you know C++ (or even if you don't, but can follow it) please join us to help review!

Target: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul

Today's meeting was IMO largely unproductive, but we did manage to come to consensus on everything but LockinOnTimeout.

Activation height range: 693504-745920
MASF threshold: 1815/2016 blocks (90%)


Keep in mind only ~100 people showed for the meetings, hardly representative of the entire community.
So, these details remain JUST a proposal for now.

It seems inevitable that there won't be consensus on LOT.
Everyone will have to choose for himself. :/

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