My review of BIP 119 (CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY) proposal for

tl;dr: I don't think CTV is ready yet (but probably close), and in any case definitely not worth reviving BIP 9 with its known flaws and vulnerability.

@lucash_dev @drgo Did those people you know, have some other variant of COVID prior?

@drgo It won't go away completely, but it will become as low risk as the flu

@drgo I expect it to burn through Florida before March or April. Once ~everyone has had it, spread should be rare.

CDC is politics more than reality.
AFAIK their advice isn't based on actual studies anymore?

Anyone know if has a shorter incubation period? Would be nice to at least reduce the time someone isolates before we reconnect...

Uh oh, 2 year old is singing "baka baka*" to the tune of Little Drummer Boy...


@fixcrypt Condemned since AD 1442

"[The Church] strictly orders all who glory in the name of Christian, not to practise circumcision either before or after baptism, since whether or not they place their hope in it, it cannot possibly be observed without loss of eternal salvation." -Pope Eugene IV, Cantate Domino

Today, we Catholics celebrate the feast of Our Lord's circumcision.

While the Church condemns circumcision under the New Covenant, it was under the Old Covenant an equivalent to baptism, and in the case of Christ, of special importance to mankind in that it was the first occasion Jesus's Precious Blood was shed for our sake.

@ugmug Claim? It's a fact. Anyone paying attention in 2021 should have observed it.

In 2017, miners attempted to assert control over the protocol, and failed thanks to / .

Later, exchanges attempted to assert control over the protocol, and failed again ().

In 2021, developers attempted to assert control over the protocol by reverting to BIP9, and reintroducing and enforcing the miner veto, after the community came to consensus on BIP8.

It's not entirely clear if that failed or succeeded. But it should receive the same reaction: complete resistance.

Matrix 4 rant / spoilers? 

IMO 4 was a disappointment. It felt like "filler episodes" some series have, where the actual storyline is ignored / doesn't really progress.

I kept expecting the machines to say "you stole Neo - give him back or war!"; "Smith is back -deal's void!"; or something like that to set up for a new standoff. :/

@drgo Yes, I also reject this premise. But many do not.

@drgo The only problems I see here is that these vaccines don't actually work, and that they're being forced on people against their will.

There is no general moral imperative to give up your life in exchange for 2+ or even many others. Nor is there a problem with the rich putting themselves before the poor (arguably they even have a duty to do so).

Controversial opinion: I'm no fan of Mr. Biden, but he took the LGB comment perfectly:
"LGB, I agree"

Assuming he knew what it meant, his response shows humility and turning the other cheek.

anti-Microsoft rant 

@jakub I know. Mainly posting this to remind people, and because certain others have been claiming Microsoft has changed...

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