Core @ubuntu PPA updated with 22.0.

(Sorry, it is no longer practical to support xenial/16.04LTS)

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PSA: @bitcoincoreorg ( Core) is NOT soliciting or performing closed testing of any beta or other software.

If you get an email inviting you, be aware it is spam and their "testing version" is almost certainly malware.

Note: the "From" on emails is NOT secure and faked.

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has locked-in for for both and @bitcoincoreorg's alternate ST/BIP9 deployment.

That's the easy part. But more importantly now, is that users upgrade to enforce Taproot by November.

Currently, we have just 23% of nodes enforcing.

Bitcoin Node Taproot Support

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@georgevaccaro @nvk Pieter says it definitely isn't a problem for ECDSA nor Schnorr, and might not even be for RSA

@simulx Sure, my point is that it should be unanimous and we shouldn't accept a split jury.

@max302 @pete I don't run it on my laptop for the RAM reason as well.

But my old desktop PC's USB hardware got messed up by uhubctl, so I wanted to cold boot it...

@pete I also didn't like the fact that when I found a bug, I had to fix it myself. :p

@pete btrfs got to the point my IRC connections were timing out because the IRC client was blocking on writing log files...

@pete I made the mistake of using btrfs once. Never again.

PSA: OpenZFS for Linux simply corrupts your data if you hibernate. Sigh.

@stevenroose @GunnarStoedle The chaos only happens if miners attack the old+False nodes. In the normal activation path, all the nodes work fine.

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