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I am a community-paid developer working on Bitcoin Core and many other parts of the ecosystem.

You can help fund my public Bitcoin work by:
1) Sending me bitcoins - contact me for a per-transaction/unique address!
2) GitHub Sponsors:
3) Patreon:

Due to keyserver reliability issues, I have updated my key hosted at to the latest version (and just extended expiration by another year).

Please ensure it matches the key you already have, and/or otherwise verify my key fingerprint from at least a few sources!

For reference, fingerprint should be E463A93F5F3117EEDE6C7316BD02942421F4889F

If you maintain software using libbase58 (typically -related software), please reach out to me privately with a link to your code (if open source) and a PGP key.

This relates to your project's .

Bug in , which can be a security vulnerability for hardware wallets and similar.
isn't vulnerable itself, but users of Segwit wallets should ensure they upgrade if affected, before *sending* any new transactions.
(The solution is to not use a new technical-internals feature Segwit introduced.)

Having an informal Zoom discussion in about 3 ½ hours at:
Tonal: 0·5 T.
UTC: 12:30 Midnight
JST: 9:30 AM
EDT: 8:30 PM
PDT: 5:30 PM

Topics include (but not limited to) , / , , or whatever else we decide to talk about :)

To join (in 3 hours):
1) Open the link below
2) Allow Javascript (sorry)
3) Click "join from your browser" in smaller text on the bottom
4) Enter a name or pseudonym & complete captcha nonsense

I've scheduled an informal Zoom discussion for this Thursday/Friday at:
Tonal: 0·5 T. (Fri)
UTC: 12:30 Midnight (Fri)
JST: 9:30 AM (Fri)
EDT: 8:30 PM (Thurs)
PDT: 5:30 PM (Thurs)

Topics include (but not limited to) , / , , or whatever else we decide to talk about :)

Now that has got the block subsidy reduction out of the way (another success!), should we take another look at a block size limit reduction UASF? 🤔

When should have been reducing block sizes to 300k, instead the community opted to increase them to 2-4 MB.

In the years following, when it became clear that was a mistake, the community still failed to act to fix it.

This may very well prove fatal to Bitcoin.

I just published a disclosure for CVE-2018–20586, a log injection vulnerability affecting Core/Knots v0.12.0 through v0.17.0 (fixed in v0.17.1, released 2018 Dec 22nd)

Published a disclosure for the details of CVE-2017–18350, fixed in Core and Knots v0.15.1

New way to help fund my work, for the folks who are boycotting Patreon but would still prefer to contribute in fiat currency.

(GitHub also *doesn't* have Patreon's 10% fee, and will even match contributions for a while!)

Since apparently @[email protected] intends to abandon the old Core PPA (or already has?), I've created a new one here for people who still prefer this method of builds/packaging:

Since the considers airdrops to be "received" the moment you have the *ability* to get them... does that mean since everyone with a CPU (including smartphones) *could* be mining cryptocurrencies, everyone has a tax liability for hypothetical mining profits? 🤔😰

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