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I just published a disclosure for CVE-2018–20586, a log injection vulnerability affecting Core/Knots v0.12.0 through v0.17.0 (fixed in v0.17.1, released 2018 Dec 22nd)

Published a disclosure for the details of CVE-2017–18350, fixed in Core and Knots v0.15.1

New way to help fund my work, for the folks who are boycotting Patreon but would still prefer to contribute in fiat currency.

(GitHub also *doesn't* have Patreon's 10% fee, and will even match contributions for a while!)

Since apparently @[email protected] intends to abandon the old Core PPA (or already has?), I've created a new one here for people who still prefer this method of builds/packaging:

Since the considers airdrops to be "received" the moment you have the *ability* to get them... does that mean since everyone with a CPU (including smartphones) *could* be mining cryptocurrencies, everyone has a tax liability for hypothetical mining profits? 🤔😰

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