It would improve the security of nodes if they automatically tracked BCH and other SHA256d PoW systems (not necessarily blockchains).

Then the node could have a true sense of the full global mining hashrate (which could be switched to an attack on Bitcoin at any time, even if not currently mining Bitcoin), and adjust its security predictions appropriately.

Anyone know any good lodging options in Miami for the conference? 😅

node stats fixed and fully restored. Historical data missing yesterday's data point due to the downtime (though the actual data to generate it exists, but I'm not planning to bother with it).

node stats are broken, and I've run out of time to troubleshoot it tonight.

Problem is 's "pickle" is running out of memory (32-bit VM currently).
Any easy fixes until some day I get around to upgrading everything to 64-bit? :/

My review of BIP 119 (CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY) proposal for

tl;dr: I don't think CTV is ready yet (but probably close), and in any case definitely not worth reviving BIP 9 with its known flaws and vulnerability.

In 2017, miners attempted to assert control over the protocol, and failed thanks to / .

Later, exchanges attempted to assert control over the protocol, and failed again ().

In 2021, developers attempted to assert control over the protocol by reverting to BIP9, and reintroducing and enforcing the miner veto, after the community came to consensus on BIP8.

It's not entirely clear if that failed or succeeded. But it should receive the same reaction: complete resistance.

node stats update:

Figured out a way to detect and ignore some fake bots pretending to be lots of 0.16.0 nodes.

This brings the real node count down from ~70k to more like ~50k :(

(On the bright side, it also means Taproot enforcement is more like 62% - not great, but less terrible than before)

Knots "Steel Rope" LTS 21.2.knots20210629 released! 🎉

Note: The LTS downloads are under "advanced"

FWIW, even if no company out there has the budget to fully fund my development work, it would still be helpful if they could put me (& family) on some kind of health or dental insurance; or even cover expenses for a conference here or there...

Knots 22.0.knots20211108 released! 🎉

Note: I also plan to release a Long-Term Support 21.2 in the near future, for users who prefer to minimise new-feature risks.
If you prefer to use a LTS branch, I recommend *not* upgrading to 22.x and waiting for 21.2 instead.

Bitcoiners should be careful not to let the failure of inflationary fiat result in turning into nothing more than a new, non-inflationary* fiat.

This is a risk as people who don't necessarily care about decentralisation flock to Bitcoin for safety.

* for now (nothing prevents a non-inflationary fiat from adding inflation later)

I also have evidence this cross-ban was NOT based on access IP address.

Considering that the user who baited me deleted his own account, and the unlinked Bitcoin Knots account was also banned, it seems likely this was a setup intentionally targeting my work! :/

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Adjusting for inflation, today is at ~$12k pre-pandemic dollars.

So we're not actually at a new high yet.

I guess we need to break $100k for a real new high.

Core @ubuntu PPA updated with 22.0.

(Sorry, it is no longer practical to support xenial/16.04LTS)

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