Core @ubuntu PPA updated with 22.0.

(Sorry, it is no longer practical to support xenial/16.04LTS)

hopefully final code-review session for BIP8 in 50 minutes in freenode #-activation

If you know C++ (or even if you don't, but can follow it) please join us to help review!


Today's meeting was IMO largely unproductive, but we did manage to come to consensus on everything but LockinOnTimeout.

Activation height range: 693504-745920
MASF threshold: 1815/2016 blocks (90%)

Keep in mind only ~100 people showed for the meetings, hardly representative of the entire community.
So, these details remain JUST a proposal for now.

It seems inevitable that there won't be consensus on LOT.
Everyone will have to choose for himself. :/

In half an hour, the second activation meeting on begins in #-activation on freenode!

Join via web browser:

Topic is activation params, particularly lockinontimeout and startheight

Ahead of the activation meeting this coming Tuesday, I am preparing a draft of a proposal we can adapt/polish and send to the wider community for approval.

Still WIP; contributions welcome.

activation meeting summary:

- MASF using BIP 8 for the first year ( or not still controversial)
- BIP8 PRs 1020 & 1021 merged

Probably 2 more meetings (next being code review) to go.

In half an hour, the first activation meeting on begins in #-activation on freenode!

Join via web browser:

- Discussion of activation params & making a formal proposal
- BIP review (2 PRs)
- Code review (1 PR)

 reminder: activation can't really begin until N months after software is released with the activation parameters. That N months needs to be enough time to be sure enough of the community has upgraded to it.

The quicker the community upgrades to 0.21 (or the upcoming 0.20.2 backport), the clearer it will be that a shorter timeframe can be used for activation!

activation meeting on

Tuesday 2nd February 19:00 UTC

- BIP review (2 PRs)
- Code review (1 PR)
- Discussion of activation params & making a formal proposal (if we have time)

Core PPA updated for 0.21

Now also including support for @Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo)

Preliminary analysis on the GCC 9 & 10 memcmp bug suggests it CAN affect Core & Knots, but does NOT affect the Bitcoin consensus code (phew).

If yours was compiled with GCC 9/10, use caution for now (or rebuild with GCC 8).

Affected: p2p & PSBT

Note that gitian builds use GCC 7 and LLVM, so should be unaffected.

PPAs for Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) and 20.10 (Groovy) are affected (and will not be fixed immediately).

IMO if you're spending $849 for a dedicated full node machine, you should expect a POWER9 CPU in it.
Just saying.

(You should also make sure you're only buying node hardware made by reputable developers... But that's another topic.)

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