11 year old made some pound based on ep 11.

It's...different, but okay👍 😂

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Another myth of our pre-enlightened past is that it was a time of misery and want, with frequent starvation, especially for the lower classes. Here is the scientist John Locke in his diary dated 1 March 1681 on his interview with 108 year old working class Londoner, Alice George.

1954, Pope Pius XII officially expels Montini (future "Pope" Paul VI) from the Vatican and exiles him.

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Pius XII takes this drastic step so that the KGB mole could no longer interfere in Vatican affairs, his secret correspondences having led to many priests being apprehended behind the Iron Curtain.

"Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism", by the Frs. Radecki, p. 250

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Everyone, please keep in your prayers Andy Heasman, a sedevacantist in Ireland, who was arrested yesterday. He is a vociferous activist who has denounced Freemasonry and the Novus Ordo religion in his country.

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No, by forcibly injecting foreign matter into my body. In other words, RAPE.
Try to rape me, or anyone I care about, and you WILL be met with deadly force, period.

But feel free to ask me.
My answer for now is "no".

But please, when asking anyone, don't do it on false pretenses.
These vaccines are neither safe, nor help humanity.
Deceiving people into "consent", isn't really consent either, just a "softer" rape.

Apparently thinks this violated their rules lol

Got a 12 hour ban out of it

(Removed on appeal, but still)

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