Random inflation report, beginning of 2020 -> present:

Eggs +214%
Spread +121%
Flour +105%
Potatoes +80%
Oats +62%
Yams +56%
Brown sugar +47%
Milk +38%
Rent +37%
Ramen +25%
Bread +25%
Cashews +15%
Bagels +11%

I notice the increases are bigger the more "basic" items are.
Which leads me to think the lower %s are just catching up and/or have profits to shrink before they get hit.

I was just noticing the same thing.

But milk is one item that does not fit that hypothesis.

@IceCubeSoup Milk is highly regulated and requires a lot of artificial processing, so it's kind of an outlier. Maybe the processing has a bunch of profit involved with room to breathe?

@lukedashjr w.r.t. the more processed foods be careful to account for 'shrinkflation', too.

@lukedashjr that's always the case because people cannot choose not to buy basic items and more you spend on basic items less you have for other things what makes those other things price to increase slower.

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