Considering that today's ruling is merely judicial in nature, and no legislation has changed, it is technically correct that abortion has been illegal* for the past 50 years.

So retroactive prosecution is on the table, right?

@lukedashjr Lord, have mercy. It seems to me that we don’t know the particulars of any of those women’s situations and should leave judgement to Christ.


@r251d There's no situation that can justify abortion

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@lukedashjr I cannot justify it, either, but Numbers 5:11-31 apparently did in feeding a potentially abortive concoction to pregnant mothers when the fatherhood was in question. Leave the judging to God.

@r251d No, it didn't. If the wife was pregnant, there would be no question as to her adultery. The test was for a non-pregnant wife.

@r251d Also, the "concoction" was just water. If it had any chemical properties, it would have condemned *every* woman who drank it. But it only condemned guilty women because it was harmless in itself (and the harm was caused by God in response to the priest's curses).

@lukedashjr thank you. I’m against abortion and couldn’t understand why abortion would be a good remedy for adultery, so your correction comes as a relief. I’m still uneasy with seeking to punish women who may be victims of rape and confused by the apparent permission granted by Roe v. Wade, but call for justice makes more sense to me now.

@r251d It would make much more sense to prosecute the abortion providers and IVF clinicians. Maybe the women bragging about their abortions.

But yes, ideally victims shouldn't be prosecuted. Even if they were, I'm sure juries would let them off.

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