Ugh, sick again, and didn't even fully recover from last time. I think I've probably been sick almost the entire time since relaxing my precautions.
Makes me seriously consider going back to full isolation just to avoid being sick constantly.

Data point: Never had nor vax

@lukedashjr the more you isolate, the weaker your system will be. Eat steaks, exercise, walk outside in the sun.

@max_1337 @lukedashjr thanks for sharing, but I think a good diet is much more complex than a set of numbers

@lukedashjr @gchaincl it’s actually very simple but to each their own.

@lukedashjr Just had Covid a couple weeks ago. If you didn’t take the vax it’s a mild cold that lasts about 18 hours. Not worth taking ANY precautions against. If you are vaxed (for others reading) then it will hit you slightly harder (like a normal cold) and last for a few days (repeating symptoms that come and go). IMO your doing more harm to your immune system by isolating and wearing masks at this point is just asking for a bacterial infection and repeated illness.

@Full_node A large % of people who survive COVID, have long-term brain and/or organ damage. It's not just a cold.

Good masks don't risk bacteria or illness.

@lukedashjr If it were the first or second strain back in 2020/2021 I’d slightly agree with you. This latest strain is significantly weaker. I know 4 people including myself who have had the initial strain which was equivalent to a bad flu. None of them have long term issues. I know of about 15 people who are vaccine harmed or killed by it. Anecdotal, perhaps but it’s what I’ve seen and can verify.

@Full_node From what I've seen, it's only "weaker" in people who already had COVID. There's no evidence it wouldn't be just as bad for someone who hasn't. Do you know of any?

Definitely not getting the vax.

@lukedashjr My wife had previously not had Covid until a few weeks ago. She had it slightly worse than I did where symptoms were similar but they lasted longer. Couple days sick with repeating symptoms up to a week. She’s vaxed so it’s hard to tell if the vax amplified it or if it was because she’s never had it before.
I don’t know anyone who fits the unvaxed/never had Covid before this strain. All have had the 1st/2nd strain or vaxed and then had this strain. 1/2

After typing all that I just realized my oldest daughter has never had a prior infection. She was never vaxed and she was sick with this stain for maybe 8 hours with repeating symptoms for 48 hours. Mind you they say this doesn’t effect children as much as it does adults but it’s a data point.


@Full_node What's an immune system(propaganda term)? Microorganisms require a certain environment to survive and thrive. Your kitchen is not dirty because you have roaches. You are not sick because of germs or a weakened "immune system". There is nothing to fight off if you don't feed them, regardless of the microorganism du jour. Show me a positive test result(whatever that means) and I will give you a hug.

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