This is why you shouldn't trust anything "cloud", or controlled by someone other than yourself (including /#Intel CPUs, or unrootable phones, etc).
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They're asking Elon Musk to remotely turn off all Russian Teslas now

This has become a looking glass into the leftist future

@lukedashjr IoT/software in cars etc always had the security question (you shouldn't want things to online due to hackers). But this is something else. What next? Apple turns off your IoT connected fridge because you shouldn't be able to eat refrigerated food in your country?

@lukedashjr any suggestions for car models without any sort of digital electronics whatsoever

For a small family

Also I can’t drive stick

And it must have good fuel economy bc I can only sell one kidney to pay for gas


@lucash_dev No idea. I've pretty much abandoned the idea of driving in a post-apoc world.

@lukedashjr Try - they make an EMP proof diesel powered bike, ride is around 100 mpg if tuned properly. Otherwise, use a bicycle. @lucash_dev

@lukedashjr agreed, it's crazy. Still, Graphene OS is a good project.

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