Matrix 4 rant / spoilers? 

IMO 4 was a disappointment. It felt like "filler episodes" some series have, where the actual storyline is ignored / doesn't really progress.

I kept expecting the machines to say "you stole Neo - give him back or war!"; "Smith is back -deal's void!"; or something like that to set up for a new standoff. :/

The Unreal tech demo said it best
"Stay away from marketing department"

Matrix 4 rant / spoilers? 

@lukedashjr morpheus felt like he was more likely to give a roofie than a red pill...

Matrix 4 rant / spoilers? 

@lukedashjr total disappointment =(

NPH was kind of ok, but the movie sucked. I'm actually happy I canceled my IMAX tix a few hours before the show and just stayed at home and watched on HBO

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