node stats update:

Figured out a way to detect and ignore some fake bots pretending to be lots of 0.16.0 nodes.

This brings the real node count down from ~70k to more like ~50k :(

(On the bright side, it also means Taproot enforcement is more like 62% - not great, but less terrible than before)

@lukedashjr Any suspicious as to what these bots are trying to achieve? Manipulating taproot/segwit adoption stats? (I think UTXO count is usually the dominant stat for adoption though..)

@stevenroose Not sure. They've been around for a long while, I think.

@lukedashjr Lost botnet/VPS network from the forgotten days of the blocksize wars? 😅

@lukedashjr @stevenroose I wonder if there could be any large scale de-anonymization happening? Would running 0.16 give some advantage?

@threed @stevenroose Another dev's theory is that perhaps 0.16.0 was the latest version when these bots were written.

@lukedashjr This still ignores all the tor only nodes right? So between Umbrel, Embassy, Raspiblitz etc you have another 10-20k easily.

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