Knots "Steel Rope" LTS 21.2.knots20210629 released! 🎉

Note: The LTS downloads are under "advanced"

@lukedashjr Knots has been around for ages now, but I haven't really understood why it exists. Could you explain the rationale for this project? I mean you must spend a lot of time on it. Thanks.

@lukedashjr One thing I know is that you (and others) sometimes disagree with Core on soft-fork upgrade mechanisms, so that's one obvious reason for knots to exist I guess.

@kalle Core used to have a reasonable policy for protocol changes: without consensus, it doesn't get merged.

A few devs decided to strongarm BIP9 in for 0.21.1 contrary to the community consensus on BIP8. I do indeed completely disagree with this new strategy of devs overruling the community.

I'm not sure how to handle controversial matters in Knots, but certainly I have no intention of doing the latter overruling nonsense. (For Taproot, I had to wait for the dust to settle before any release)

@lukedashjr ok, so upgrade mechanisms is one reason for knots, but what else? It's your project and I have no reason to argue about your choices. I honestly just want to know what they are.

Is there a list of functional diffs or similar?

@kalle @lukedashjr because we can have multiple full node implementations? and knots is a derivative of core but differs in lot of things

@kalle It exists to be the best Bitcoin full node software possible, and at this point so there's actually good software I can recommend.

By cutting through the dysfunctional Core processes, gatekeeping by a faction of devs, etc...

Knots has a better UX, more features, more user control, fewer bugs, and now with the LTS branch will also be supported longer.

@lukedashjr Thanks Luke. It pains me that I'm not a whale or in a financial position to fund development, but I really do appreciate all the work. I don't know what god's plans are, but for some reason, I know all things will work out. 🍻

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