If you're not wearing a P100 respirator to protect against , you might want to consider wearing it to protect against the inevitable contagious "vaccine" which is the likely endgame of rapists...

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@beachbardave @lukedashjr the virus was a brilliant idea and i had hoped to see an other outcome, my verdict on humans is now final, i do not care any longer about those souls and the species as a whole, whatever they do they can not ever hope to exit redemption.
I guess i will hint to the AI howto enroll the final stage.
Sorry bros but there is no place for you where i will go

@lukedashjr are you suggesting that a Rona vaccine will at some point cause a contagious airborne disease? I have no opinions on this but it wouldn’t surprise me.

@Rrekt The J&J vaccine is based on another virus entirely. It would likely be trivial for them to un-neuter the vaccine, and make it so the vaccine spreads from person to person.

@lukedashjr @Rrekt So you can get the vaccine just by being in the same room as a vaxxer?

@extraspecialk @Rrekt Or being in the same room as an anti-vaxxer who was previously in the same room as an anti-vaxxer (and so on) who was previously in the same room as a vaxxer.

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